14 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Study Biology at University

Roisin Conneely
Online Writer

Whether it’s the perks, the stereotypical assumptions, or the struggles that come with it, there are some things that only Biology students will ever truly understand…



1. Getting super excited when you understand the sciencey stuff they’re talking about in shows like House, Grey’s Anatomy and CSI.



2. Being able to count David Attenborough documentaries as revision.



3. The monotony that comes with people assuming you must be a failed Medic.

Here’s a wild concept: not EVERYONE wants to be a doctor.


4. You’re still not entirely sure what you’re actually doing in the lab.


5. Having pre-exam dreams about protein sequences.

Dreams, nightmares... what's the difference really?


6. You’ve unfortunately discovered that a Biology degree contains more Maths, Computer science, and Philosophy than you thought.

This isn't what I signed up for.


7. Getting to make your friends jealous with all your #fieldtrip posts.

They don’t need to know about all the plankton you had to collect and the hours you spent writing about it…


8. Referencing takes up more time and effort than anything original you’ve come up with in your lab report.



9. Being well informed on several diseases, you’ve diagnosed yourself with any number of horrifying conditions any time you’ve felt vaguely unwell.

The paranoia is real.


10. Studying physiology has made you hyper aware of the healthy lifestyle you SHOULD be living, but pizza and avoiding the gym are just more appealing.

Maybe one day.


11. You get unreasonably annoyed by scientific inaccuracies in movies and TV shows.

And there are SO many of them.


12. Your lecturers see no problem with scheduling presentations, essay deadlines, and in-class tests all within the same week.

Thank you 🙂


13. Forever feeling under intense pressure to invent some kind of revolutionary new study in genetics or evolution.

No big deal.


14. And knowing you’ll never not be infuriated by people who think Biology is the “easy science”.




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