15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Studied at Newcastle University

Jo Bentham
Online Writer

Your sister goes to Northumbria? Get a new one.


1. You could probably do with a SatNav to find your way around the Armstrong building.

Small corridors leading into smaller corridors leading onto a million steps – it never ends.




2. And the King Edward VII building.

3. Being so close to Northumberland Street is as draining on your bank account as university is on your mental state.

4. Eat4Less was your holy grail during first year.


5. The Architecture building is really kind of beautiful.




6. And so is the rest of the campus for that matter.

7. But we don’t speak about Claremont Tower.

8. You have your heart set on getting a student house in Jesmond – until you actually see most of the houses.


9. The people who sit in front of the computers in the SU with their own laptops are the worst of humanity.



10. You’re obliged to treat everyone at Northumbria as the enemy.

11. It’s impossible to turn down a night on the toon.

12. You secretly love Swingers even though you don’t self identify as a ‘Rah’.


13. The queues in Campus Coffee are the bane of your life.

But you can’t possibly go to a lecture without a coffee though, so you stand in them anyway.



14. You must mentally prepare yourself to get on the Metro for your 9am.

15. But in the end, even though it made you crazy at times, you’re damn glad you didn’t go anywhere else.