23 Signs You’re a Graduate Who Wasn’t Ready To Leave University Behind

Becci Mansell
Online Writer

Being a graduate and feeling like a graduate are two very different things.


1. When you go shopping you still automatically ask for student discount.


2. And then become angry at the world when you remember this no longer applies to you.


3. You can’t really function before at least 11am.


4. In fact, you still need naps even when you haven’t really done anything productive.


5. Living with your parents again has reminded you of why you left in the first place.


6. And you’ve only now realised how much you enjoyed your independence.


7. You much prefer drinking in the week to at weekends.


8. And the thought of full time work truly terrifies you.


9.  You still think instant noodles count as a proper meal.


10. And getting dressed is sometimes your greatest accomplishment of the day.


11. Searching for a graduate job isn’t at all how you imagined it would be.


12. And you’ve discovered that job application deadlines are even worse than essay deadlines.


13. You kind of miss having a daily routine.


14. And you keep thinking that it must surely be reading week soon.


15. You still rely on your overdraft to get you through.


16. And you keep subconsciously expecting to see a new instalment of your student loan in your bank account.


17. You miss your uni friends. A lot.


18. And seeing all these uni Snapchat stories is a painful reminder of what you’re missing out on.


19. You’ve just realised that you might not actually have plans for Halloween this year.


20. And you hate that graduate life so far feels like a competition for who can pretend to be an adult the best.


21. Everything feels like more responsibility than you’re ready for.


22. University seems like it went so fast you’re no longer convinced it actually happened.


23. And you actually would give anything to go back and do it again.