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5 coffee shops every student in Brighton should visit before they graduate

Sophie Wyatt
Online Writer

Whether it's to revise, or to take a break from your revision for a while, University of Brighton student Sophie gives her tried and tested recommendations for where you should go if you're a coffee-loving Brighton student.



I don't know about you, but I seem to need a coffee to get me through most moments of university life.

Essays, exams, revising for said exams, recovering after said exams, or pretending I have no exams and can just sit and drink coffee while contemplating life.

It's fortunate for me, then, that I chose to go to university in Brighton. Known for being a bit out-there - and I don't just mean because of the topless people with dreadlocks practising hula-hooping and whipping in the Level - the seaside city has had to adapt to the growing demand for coffee from its caffiene-obsessed student population by delivering, in true Brighton-form, some pretty unique cafés.


So, if like me you're a student - or graduate! - in Brighton who can't go a day without a coffee, here's where you should go for your next fix.


Espresso Bar Mozzino

You haven’t seen an Indie coffee garden until you have been to Mozzino’s down Lewes Road. I’m talking plant pots everywhere, tiny sugar holders, and a random broken down coffee truck in the middle of the garden. As if the general aesthetic wasn’t enough, their coffees and homemade brownies are actually to die for, and when you’re one of the many students living down Lewes Road they can help you feel like you might actually get that assignment in on time. 




Café Coho

A personal favourite of mine, Café Coho is just a short walk from Brighton Station. The metaphorical Tardis of the Brighton cafés, what looks like a tiny building from the outside actually has a huge amount of space to sit down and enjoy not only the exceptional coffee but also the outstanding choice of sausage rolls, cakes and brioche bun sandwiches. Plus, like the majority of Brighton's establishments, the café of course does cater for vegetarian and vegan needs. 



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Marwood Coffeehouse and Bar

You could try to bring your laptop to Marwood’s and get your dissertation done, but unless you're a robot, or simply hate fun, it would be nearly impossible. The adorable little coffee shop is filled head-to-toe with toys, books (for both children and adults) and crazy, colourful bric-a-brac sure to keep anyone amused whilst you get to enjoy their amazing array of baked goods and coffees. 




The Flourpot Bakery

There’s a number of different Flourpot Bakerys located around Brighton, all serving up some of the nicest bread you will find in just about any city. The artisanal theme of the café certainly flows through the rustic loaves and sandwiches they have on display, and not to mention the sandwiches, croissants, homemade soups and incredible looking cakes that they also offer.



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Redroaster Café

And last, but certainly not least, is the newest out of the bunch, Redroaster Café. Located close to Old Steine, Redroaster is one of the most aesthetically cool, and pleasing cafés you could find. The former post office has been done up in order to fit with the café’s speciality coffees, inventive brunches and sandwiches courtesy of a kitchen team led by winner of BBC’s Great British Menu and holder of a Michelin Star, chef Matt Gillan. With an amazing environment and the coffee to match, Redroaster has definitely become a favourite amongst the residents of Brighton. 



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