5 Things Every Leeds University Student Should Know, From Someone Who Was There For Way Too Long

Alex Farley-Wood
Online Writer

Leeds has it all; top student location, an insane nightlife and more Greggs per square mile than anyone could deem acceptable. But what's it actually like being a student there?

As someone who called the University of Leeds home for four years, there are a few life hacks I discovered that every Leeds student, from prospective to final year, should know about.



There ain't no freebies like Freshers' freebies

As if walking away from the Leeds University Union Freshers’ Fair with an unlimited amount of goodies wasn't enough, the fun doesn't stop there. 

Keep your eyes peeled for bouncy castles in Devonshire Hall, hog roast barbecues at Montague Burton and free sports massages from Physiology students at Lyddon Hall. Damn, freshers have it so good… 



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The best cure for stress = puppies

It's all too easy to get stressed at university, whether it's because of essays, exams or choosing between Warehouse and HiFi on a Wedneday night. Fortunately, Leeds knows how to combat this stress: puppies.

Yes, you read correctly. Leeds is obsessed with bringing dogs into the Union. In the past there have been events from the LUU Guide Dogs Society, Leeds RAG and for Mental Health Awareness week, where you are essentially invited to sit in a room full of adorable dogs to beat away your woes with fluffy cuddles and contagious joy.



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Two words: computer cluster

Laptop too heavy to carry around all day? No available computers in the library? Not a problem! Technically, this should not be on this list as it is very public knowledge... but NO ONE SEEMS TO USE THE COMPUTER CLUSTERS. 

The University offers an astonishing 39 clusters across campus that are almost always empty (unless they’re anywhere close to Edward Boyle). Seriously, the Woolhouse cluster in the Parkinson Building will become your new favourite spot for a quiet yet chaotic essay-writing rush. 



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Free exam breakfasts

When it comes to exam period, food either becomes your best friend or your worst enemy. But amidst mountains of revision cards, what two words will make your tummy rumble and the good vibes flow? Free. Breakfast. 

Old Bar offers porridge and breakfast sandwiches to all from 8am - 9am during exam period, with 50p tea and coffee on offer for anyone needing a caffeine kick. Nothing makes you feel better about a lack of revision than a complementary sausage butty!




Rain, rain, go away

Lecture in EC Stoner followed by a seminar in Social Sciences, and hoping to avoid the torrential rain? Introducing the (allegedly) second longest corridor in Europe! Yes, the University of Leeds is home to the infamous Red Route, covering over a fifth of a mile (this answer to an induction week quiz has finally proven useful) and shielding lazy students from stairs and Yorkshire weather since 1962.

It starts in the EC Stoner building, follows through Roger Stevens, and ends at the Edward Boyle Library, where you can sneak under the shelter through to Social Sciences. So no more showing up to lectures looking like a drowned rat!




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So there you have it, Leeds University life hacks that will make your time at the University even better.