16 Things Every Unemployed Graduate Is Too Ashamed to Admit They’ve Done

Esther Davies
Online Writer

Let’s face it, no one just spends all day every day searching for jobs.

Being an unemployed graduate is a difficult time, so it's understandable really that we all end up doing things we're a little ashamed of.



1. Stalked everyone from your school to see what they’re doing now.


2. And hoped that what they’re doing makes you feel better about your own life.

3. Complained to your uni friends about having nothing to do, but told them you were too busy to meet up.

4. Accepted a pity invite from your parents.


5. Googled how to write a CV.


6. Dug out your personal statement for cover letter inspiration.

7. Spent hours on Wikipedia researching which celebrities have degrees and how they ended up where they are now.

Bradley Cooper has a BA in English, jsyk.

8. Decided that starting and finishing yet another boxset in -3 days counts as an example of your dedication.


9. Promised to save money but then spent more than you could really afford on stuff you didn't really need.


10.  Re-read books you haven’t opened for years simply to distract yourself from the present.

11. Actually looked into changing career paths based on which TV shows you’re currently obsessed with.

12. Created a LinkedIn account so that you can keep tabs on what your coursemates are doing.


13. Lied when your parents asked if you were too busy with job applications to visit your extended family.


14. And then lied to said extended family in various creative ways to avoid telling them you’re still unemployed.

15. Submitted an application you weren’t 100% happy with because you got bored.

16. And secretly enjoyed being unemployed because you’re not sure you’re ready to be a real adult.