Here are the cheapest cities in the UK for graduates to start their career

Sally Bracegirdle
Head of Marketing

So you've graduated, figured out what you'd like to do next and the city in which you'd like to do it - but can you actually afford to live there?

For graduates looking to fly the nest after university, big cities such as London and Manchester are often the destination of choice. However, being able to afford the rent there on a graduate starting salary can cause somewhat of a crash landing. 

With this in mind, new research by price comparison site MoneySupermarket has revealed the cheapest cities to rent in the UK, which offer an affordable alternative to the capital. The research factors in the average costs of different size flats in the city centre of the 30 most populated UK cities.

Belfast was crowned the cheapest city of them all, with the average cost of a one-bed flat averaging at as little as £375 per month. And if that wasn't affordable enough, the average rent for a shared property in the Northern Irish city would only cost you £577 per month. 


Here are the 10 cities with the most affordable rent costs in the UK:


1. Belfast

Average rent: £577



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2. Wolverhampton

Average rent: £591



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3. Stoke-on-Trent

Average rent: £696



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4. Sunderland

Average rent: £712



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5. Salford

Average rent: £913



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6. Leicester 

Average rent: £1,044




7. Hull

Average rent: £1,085



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8. Bradford

Average rent: £1,116




9. Wakefield

Average rent: £1,150




10. Derby

Average rent: £1,151



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