The top 20 world cities for millennials, based on employment rates

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

Where will you choose to start your graduate career once uni is over? 

It's a big decision - one which will, of course, be impacted by your job prospects in different areas of both the UK and further afield. 

Apartment hunting site Nestpick has compiled the 'Millennial Cities Ranking' - rating locations across the world based on how desirable they are to millennials. 

One of the key factors they considered was employment rates in different cities, assigning each an Employment Score ranging from 0 to a maximum of 10. Using unemployment data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), they were able to ascertain the cities in which people are least likely to be unemployed, which therefore received a high score. 

No UK cities made it into this top 20 list, with Edinburgh emerging as the UK city with the highest Employment Score of 7.70 in 24th place. Edinburgh was followed by Bristol (with a score of 5.80 in 43rd place) and London (with a score of 5.40 in 47th position). 

Nestpick acknowledged "the possibility of gainful employment" was "a crucial factor" in the rankings, as, "often, young people relocate for the purpose of increasing their employment opportunities for professional advancement." 


These are the 20 world cities with the highest scores, and lowest unemployment rates: 


1. Bangkok, Thailand 

Employment Score: 10.00 


Credit: Instagram / @whichwara_



2. Beijing, China 

Employment Score: 9.90 


Credit: Instagram / @bigtree_chenchen



3. Singapore, Singapore 

Employment Score: 9.80 


Credit: Instagram / @velosohenrique



4. Brugge, Belgium 

Employment Score: 9.70 


Credit: Instagram / @demsaranja



5. Bucharest, Romania

Employment Score: 9.60 


Credit: Instagram / @elena_cartianu



6. Oslo, Norway 

Employment Score: 9.50 


Credit: Instagram / @daraacs



7. Munich, Germany 

Employment Score: 9.40 


Credit: Instagram / @oksanavodovizz



8. Innsbruck, Austria 

Employment Score: 9.30 


Credit: Instagram / @pppmmmmm



9. Hong Kong, China 

Employment Score: 9.20 


Credit: Instagram / @alexbambrough



10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Employment Score: 9.10 


Credit: Instagram / @brauchain



11. Tokyo, Japan 

Employment Score: 9.00 


Credit: Instagram / @abram_k



12. Canberra, Australia 

Employment Score: 8.90 


Credit: Instagram / @neilmiddletonphotography



13. Prague, Czech Republic 

Employment Score: 8.80 


Credit: Instagram / @ola_knap



14. Taipei, Taiwan 

Employment Score: 8.70 


Credit: Instagram / @duncanbulk



15. Seoul, South Korea 

Employment Score: 8.60 


Credit: Instagram / @kevintuil



16. Osaka, Japan 

Employment Score: 8.50 


Credit: Instagram / @reallindafisher



17. Austin, USA 

Employment Score: 8.40 


Credit: Instagram / @hfullerton5



18. Zürich, Switzerland 

Employment Score: 8.30 


Credit: Instagram / @christina.tian_



19. Shanghai, China 

Employment Score: 8.20 


Credit: Instagram / @janithosh



20. Hamburg, Germany 

Employment Score: 8.10


Credit: Instagram / @infinita_terra



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