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These are the best UK universities for Business & Economics 2018

Sean Talbot
Head of Audience

Times Higher Education has released its latest World University Rankings, listing universities across the globe per degree subject. 

Below are the top UK institutions for Business and Economics degrees. The overall score is calculated by ranking Industry Income, Research, Teaching and more


1. University of Oxford

Score: 91.1



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2. London Business School

Score: 88.7



3. University of Cambridge

Score: 88.4



4. University of Warwick 

Score: 76.6



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5. University of Manchester

Score: 75.0



6. University of Sussex

Score: 62.3



7. University of Leeds

Score: 61.5



8. Lancaster University

Score: 59.4



9. University of Edinburgh

Score: 59.0



10. City, University of London

Score: 56.9



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