10 apps every type of student needs

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

Of the 2 millions apps available to download right now, these are the 10 every student needs. 

Whether you want to organise your life, grab the latest discounts or track your spending, there's an app for everything. Check out 10 you might enjoy right here. 


1. For the Instagram addict: Forest

  • Cost: £1.99 
  • Download on: iOS, Android 


If your phone's glued to your hand, this one's for you. Designed to help you focus and boost productivity, Forest uses the simple concept of planting trees to help you stay off your phone.

When you need to concentrate on work, plant a tree, and the less you pick up your phone the more it'll grow. Start scrolling through your phone and the tree will die. Over time you can build an entire forest of trees and earn virtual currency, which can be saved up and used to plant real trees in Africa. It's a simple but effective incentive for avoiding procrastination and putting your phone down. 



2. For the one who spends more time planning than working: Trello

  • Cost: Free (but offers paid-for plans) 
  • Download on: iOS, Android, desktop, online


Trello is the ultimate app for students who either love to plan or desperately need to organise their life. You can create multiple boards for each project you're working on and add separate cards to each board, tracking the tasks you need to complete. Onto each card you can customize widgets, comments, labels, due dates, attachments and more - it's an organisation lovers dream. 

Plus, your Trello boards are all saved to a cloud so you can access them on multiple devices. 



3. For the last minute essay writer: EasyBib

  • Cost: Free
  • Download on: iOS, Android 


If there's one thing every student can agree on, it's that writing a bibliography is possibly one of the most tedious and soul-destroying tasks you have to do. That's where Easybib comes in, or the Bibliography Bible if you will. 

EasyBib has made referencing 10x easier - just search for the journal, website or book you're using and EasyBib will create the right reference for a range of citation styles. You can then email the references to yourself and copy and paste them into your essay. 



4. For the one whose wardrobe has spilled into the kitchen: Vinted

  • Cost: Free
  • Download on: iOS, Android 



If you have enough clothes to open up a shop, Vinted is a easy-to-use app that makes decluttering your wardrobe (and helping promote sustainable shopping) a simple task. List and sell your items for a price of your choice and keep all the money; unlike Depop, Vinted has zero selling fees so every penny you make is yours. 

Plus, if you invite friends to join Vinted and they list and sell items, you can earn up to £15 to spend on the app. Selling clothes doesn't get easier than that. 



5. For the one who loves a discount code: TopCashback

  • Cost: Free 
  • Download on: iOS, Android 


If you're a big shopper who loves a good deal, this app is made for you. TopCashback lets you receive cashback offers from thousands of retailers simply by shopping through their website. Retailers pay TopCashback commission for every purchase you make and they pay it back to you. Simply download the app, click through to your favourite shops and spend as you would usually. 



6. For the one who needs to learn how to budget: Monzo

  • Cost: Free 
  • Download on: iOS, Android 


Every man and his dog has downloaded Monzo by now but if you've somehow bypassed the memo, here's everything you need to know. It's a banking app that makes spending and managing your money super easy. There's tons of features including spending budgets, free cash withdrawals abroad, savings pots, overdrafts, spending notifications, joint accounts and more. 

Plus, transferring money to friends who also have Monzo is super quick. Either find their details via Bluetooth if they're nearby, or if you've got their number simply scroll down your contact list to find them. Transferring your mate for the jagerbombs she bought last night has never been easier.  



7. For the one who snoozes in lectures: Just Press Record 

  • Cost: £4.99
  • Download on: iOS


If you have a tendency to fall asleep in lectures or you can't keep up with the rambling lecturer, Just Press Record might help you out. It's a mobile audio recording app that lets you record for an unlimited amount of time, so if you zone out in a lecture you won't miss any important info.

What makes it better than the standard voice recording app on your iPhone or Android (and worth £4.99) is that Just Press Record gives you the option of editing and transcribing (into over 30 languages!) the recording afterwards. So once your lectures over, you can have a full write up of everything that was said without having to do very much work for it. 



8. For the one who's always scrounging for leftovers: Too Good To Go

  • Cost: Free 
  • Download on: iOS, Android 


For students who refuse to accept that they don't have enough money to eat out five days a week, Too Good To Go is the perfect way to eat restaurant food for a significantly lower price, avoid maxing out your overdraft and do your bit for the environment.

The app was developed to help reduce the amount of perfectly good food that's thrown away each year (which FYI, is currently 10 MILLION tonnes). Businesses can offer unsold or leftover food to users who select whatever they like and collect it, all for a reduced price. Save money + save the planet = big win. 



9. For the one who can't keep a New Years Resolution: Habit 

  • Cost: Free (but offers optional in-app purchases)
  • Download on: iOS


Do you want to make a habit of going to the gym? Or writing up at least one set of lecture notes every day? Or maybe it's a simple as just attending your lectures? 

Habit offers a simple way of recording and tracking your habits. All you do is log whatever habit you intend to keep and how regularly you want to do it, then tick off each time you complete it. Using a bit of maths, the app then calculates the strength of the habit using a percentage - the more consistent you are the faster your percentage will increase. 

This app is a clever way of seeing the progress you're making with each habit and reminding you when you've missed five consecutive days of lectures. 



10. For the one worrying about exams: Headspace

  • Cost: Free when you buy Spotify premium for £4.99/month
  • Download on: iOS, Android


It'll take £4.99 out of your pocket each month, but if you struggle with exam anxiety or find university overwhelming, downloading Headspace might be worth the money. 

It's a meditation app offering hundreds of guided meditations, courses, animations and SOS exercises on everything from sleep to stress to life challenges. There's even a whole section dedicated to students, with exercises on dealing with distractions, leaving home, managing anxiety and more.