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Not sure what you want to do? Find out what career best suits your personality

Sean Talbot
Head of Audience

Graduation 2017 has somehow been and gone already. Out of nowhere you're suddenly an adult, and suddenly expected to know what to do next.

As a young person you're asked about what you want to do with the rest of your life almost daily. You were made to set the path in motion from the far too young age of 14/15, when you were first asked to select your GCSEs, a choice which would go on to define your A-levels and your degree.

But for many the answer doesn't come. Not even by the time you graduate. "But what do you want to do? What do you want to be? You must know by now." 

Your brain remains not empty, but overwhelmed. You don't have an answer, not through lack of thought or caring, but because there are simply too many options. If you find yourself in this state of unknown, it can seem impossible to break out of it. Where do you even begin?

People will often advise you to "do what you enjoy" or "what you're good at," but that is a lot simpler than reality would allow. 


If you're feeling stuck, instead of focusing on the skill, look to what many employers today are searching for - personality fit. 

Companies today are investing a lot into nurturing their workplace culture, and to sustain that they need to hire the right people. People who "gel", who are on the same page and who can work well with the other personalities in the team. 

The kind of personality type employers are looking for obviously differs, depending on the individual company or industry; but you can find out which personality type you are and go from there.


Here at GradTouch we recently asked all employees to fill out the 16 Personalities online test to see if certain teams hired particular personality types. You can see our results below. 

Within each personality family there are a further four different personality types. From our results you can see creative roles in Marketing & Media favour the Diplomatic personality family, whereas those in the Sentinel family make up the majority of the Sales department. 



You can take the test yourself here, and from there you can begin to think about which roles may suit you best. What's great about this specific online test is that there is a careers section in your results, offering career suggestions based on your personality.