Adele: Hello From The Graduate

Sarah Lawson
Social and CRM Executive

Adele: Hello from the graduate

Our parody on Adele’s ‘Hello’ has won an award for ‘best self-promotion’ at the Recruitment Business Awards. It has been 256 days since we launched ‘Hello: from the graduate’ and our community of students and graduates has grown to over 100,000 individuals in search of their dream careers. 
Adele may have got close to 2 billion views for the original video but did she receive comments like these?





With 790,000 views and nearly 3,000 comments, Gradele (graduate Adele) seems not to be alone. Her misery comes from a lack of awareness about the types of jobs that are out there and a focus on landing a "dream job" that, in reality, does not exist.


We made the video to share what graduate life can be really like: "my life right now it really hurts."  At GradTouch we know how difficult it can be and our own graduate stories reflect this. It’s not just about the difficulty of finding the job you really want, it’s about knowing where to start.   

We want to close the gap between graduates and their future employers. From ambitious start-ups to global brands, we get inside offices and speak to graduates who were once former Gradeles themselves. We are solving Gradele’s issues.

Let's keep celebrating the success of connecting graduates with the right employers for them. Employers that want graduates to bring their enthusiasm, fresh ideas and unique talent to a role they really want.


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