5 things you should hear if you want to start your own business

Ollie Kerswell
Video Marketing Executive

You’ve finished university and you’re on the hunt for a graduate job, but none of them really cut the mustard. And that’s fine. 

Not everyone is built to take on a graduate scheme in a large corporation, and finding something ideal for you in a smaller company may be hard if you’re a discerning breed of graduate. Maybe you got a grade slightly lower than is required by the big boys, but you still have plenty to offer. Our founder Zac was in this position, he wrote some handy tips on the subject too.

So what do you do? Well why not do what Zac did and start your own business. It can be a perfect way of making sure you’re using all your skills from university but you get to work exactly how you want to. 

This is also what James Righetti did. He’s the Managing Director of Elevate Education, a highly successful Education and Training company based in Oxford. He was tasked with setting up their UK operation from scratch, taking leave from their original Australian homeland.

At GradTouch we visit hundreds of employers to bring you as many jobs as possible: my media team and I travel the country filming Graduates, HR Managers and MDs to help you in your career endeavours. I went to see James last year and asked him for his 5 top tips on starting a small business. Here’s what he had to say:​


1. Identify demand

2. Get the right people on board

3. Invest in people

4. Have a core set of values

5. Make a ‘Do Not Do’ list


He’s a smart guy, and Elevate Education has done well, so his advice really is valuable, I’d say.

Watch the whole video and give yourself and your new business the best chance for success.