15 steps to landing a graduate job

Sarah Lawson
Social and CRM Executive

For everyone who doesn't know where to begin when looking for a graduate job, we have compiled a list of steps you can take to prepare for the career of your dreams. 

1. Dream the dream

At some point in the future you will be a CEO, business owner or famous blogger but in order to get there you have to acquire some experience along the way. Read on and find out how to get yourself that first job and kickstart your career. 

2. Google yourself 

Employers will Google your name, so hide the evidence of your crazy days. Otherwise all of your dancefloor selfies and midnight tweets to Dominos become part of your job application. 

3. Do what you do best 

If you’re applying for a job in Marketing then use your blog and Twitter to show employers how creative and original you really are – invest all your spare time into making these worth sharing.

4. Get LinkedIn

Make connections, search companies that interest you and find out what people’s jobs titles really mean.

5. Put a face to a name

Use your newly found information for your covering letters and address the recipient by name.

6. Know your skills

Without even realising, part time work and your university course will have instilled some key skills in you that are appropriate for all jobs. 

7. Explore your options

The value of the degree you have is knowing what you can do with it. It’s not just for going on your parent’s fridge.

8. Embrace your status

There will come a moment, an awkward moment, when you realise that you’re now an unemployed graduate rather than a student. Do not fear, this is called limbo and it won’t be long before you’re dishing out your new business cards. Trust us.

9. Be creative

Now you have removed all of your academic obligations, you have the time to learn a new skill, find a new hobby or even start a blog. Why not use it to find out what you want to do?

10. Think outside the box

Don’t just build a view of an opportunity on the job description alone, as the reality of work is much different. Explore all channels the company has and don’t just read their ‘About us’ page like an amateur; take a look at their videos, blogs and social media platforms too.

11. See what fits

Good things can come in big, small and even medium packages. Check out companies you really want to work for and don’t just get distracted by big names. Start-ups love grads too.

12. Do a placement

Don’t just consider grad schemes to be your future: work experience, internships and freelance work can be just as valuable and now is the time to find those placements.

13. Fix up, look sharp

Check your CV, check it again, have somebody else read it and then somebody else. You can't let there be any mistakes on your golden ticket to employment.

14. Less is more

Ten carefully cultivated applications are worth more than fifty generic covering letters thrown around. The single perfect CV doesn’t exist; be prepared to create multiple CVs that are perfect for respective companies.  

15. Don’t look back

These are the months to craft your story, understand your ambitions and to secure a job you really want, not just one that you settled for in a panic. 

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