10 famous people you didn't know had a degree

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

They might just surprise you... 

From Kourtney Kardashian to Hugh Hefner, it's hard to imagine the world of the rich and famous writing essays, sitting through two hour lectures and weeping over coursework deadlines. Alas, these celebrities valued their education too, and demonstrate that there's nothing wrong with heading in a different career direction after your degree. Even if that means buying a large mansion for you and your Playboy bunnies. 


1. Rebel Wilson - Law 


Actress Rebel Wilson trained to be a lawyer at the University of South Wales before getting her break on Australian TV. Rumour has it, after contracting malaria in Africa she hallucinated that she'd won an Oscar and it inspired her to break into acting. If you've not been plagued by any hallucinations during your Law degree and still intend to pursue a career in the subject, there's lots of jobs like this one available on our website.


2. Kourtney Kardashian - Theatre Arts & Spanish 


Turns out Kim's not the first of the Kardashian clan to dabble in higher education. Long before Kim announced her plans to become a lawyer, Kourtney K graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Theatre Arts & Spanish. 



3. Rowan Atkinson - Electrical and Electronic Engineering 


Yes, Mr Bean has an Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree. After completing his undergrad course at the University of Newcastle, Atkinson went on to gain a masters in the same subject from the University of Oxford. Here, he joined Oxford's prestigious acting society and as they say, the rest is history... 



4. Brian May - Astrophysics 


It wasn't always rock 'n' roll for Queen guitarist Brian May. Before joining the band, he gained a Bsc in Maths & Physics at Imperial College London. He continued studying throughout his career, before being awarded with a PhD in Astrophysics in 2007. He really is a champion. 



5. Natalie Portman - Psychology 


Always a high achiever, Portman had two research papers published in scientific journals before she'd even graduated high school. She then went on to gain a Psychology degree at none other than Harvard University, juggling her studies with filming for the Star Wars prequel trilogy. 



6. Ricky Gervais - Philosophy 


Ricky Gervais originally studied Biology at University College London before switching to Philosophy, graduating with a 2:1 in the subject. After uni, he began a career in radio before writing a small and relatively unsuccessful TV show called The Office. 



7. Ashton Kutcher - Biochemical Engineering 


Whilst studying Biochemical Engineering at the University of Iowa, Kutcher was approached by a model scout who helped launch his career. I know what you're thinking - you also studied Engineering but were never approached about a potential modelling career? Fear not, there are plenty of engineering jobs like this available on our website, to tide you over before the model scouts come knocking.



8. Emeli Sande - Medicine 


Sande originally studied Medicine at the University of Glasgow, but bowed out early after earning her degree in Neuroscience. She's previously said that education is important to her, as she'd have something to fall back on if her music career failed. Wise words, Emeli.



9. Hugh Hefner - Psychology & Creative Writing


There was a time before Playboy bunnies and luxury mansions for Hugh. After writing for a US military newspaper during school, he completed a degree in Psychology at the University of Illinois. It only took him two and a half years to complete, so he added on a double minor in Creative Writing and Art for good measure. 



10. Mick Jagger - Economics 


The rising fame of the Rolling Stones resulted in him dropping out before completing his degree, but Mick Jagger did attend LSE with intentions of becoming a journalist or politician. If your side-line rock band hasn't shot to fame yet, our website has lots of jobs that will interest Economic grads, like this one.