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A large part of the management sector is coordinating a corporation's employees to accomplish specific business objectives. This could be anything from helping the business work more efficiently, grow their revenue streams, or raise their public profile.

Management is also responsible for categorising and distributing the company's resources and running the company's day-to-day operations. You’re going to need to be organised, bold, and headstrong without being overly stubborn. People like a manager who can control a team, but they also need to be the kind of person you want to work for, rather than have to work for.
Many large-scale corporations like Kubrick Group and PwC offer management graduates schemes in an array of different areas such as technology, finance, and business.

If you were always that person at university or school who headed up group projects, if you love delegating roles to others, if you want a leadership role and you know the difference between working with a team who respect you and ruling with an iron fist, you might just make the perfect manager.

Common roles in this industry include: Assistant Manager, Team Manager, Risk Assessment Manager, and Audit Manager.
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