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Graduate Schemes

Graduate schemes are training programmes which are designed to bring new graduates into professional industries. Offered by virtually every employment sector, the goal of these schemes is to provide employers with highly skilled candidates to strengthen their workforce and help improve the company.

Some of the largest and most popular graduate schemes are found in the technology or finance sectors, with big names such as KMPG, Google, and HSBC maintaining a regular intake of graduates each year.

To get on a scheme, you'll likely need a 2:1 degree or equivalent experience in your chosen field of employment to apply, followed by a few rounds of interviews, tests, or assessment centres. It’s likely you’ll need to showcase skills in teamwork, problem solving, and basic literacy and numeracy. These tests can seem a little intimidating at first but remember; you have a degree. You’ve got this!

The schemes typically last around two years and most provide permanent positions within the host company after completion.
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