How to spend summer after university

Nora Blackie
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Finishing university is a significant achievement, and it's a time to celebrate your hard work and accomplishments. However, it can also be intimidating, especially if you're unsure of what will happen next. The first summer after graduating from university is a great time to rest up and get ready for the next stage of your life. Here are our tips to help you enjoy your summer to the fullest:


Reflect on your university experience

Take some time to reflect on your time at university before starting the next chapter of your life. Consider the activities you found enjoyable, the lessons you learnt, and the skills you developed. Decide which skills and expertise you wish to carry with you into the future.

Set goals for the summer

Setting goals can help you stay focused and motivated during the summer months. Your goals may have to do with your career, personal growth, or having fun. Write your objectives on paper and divide them into smaller, achievable steps.

Create a routine

It can be easy to feel lazy or unmotivated during the summer months without the structure of university. You can stay productive and utilise your time more effectively by developing a routine. Set aside particular periods to engage in hobbies, exercise, and job searches.


A successful career is built on networking, and the summer after graduation is a great time to get started. Attend industry gatherings, keep in touch with alumni, and contact those in your area of interest. You can learn about job prospects and receive important insights into your chosen field by forming connections with specialists.

Pursue internships or volunteer work

Internships or volunteer work can provide valuable experience and skills to help you stand out to future employers. They can also be an excellent way to explore different career paths and industries. 

Take care of yourself

To maintain both healthy physical and mental health, self-care is crucial. Make time for self-care activities including physical activity, meditation, and time with friends and family. Remember to take breaks and give yourself time to unwind and refuel.


After graduating from university, the summer is a great time to travel and see new locations. Travel can broaden your views and give you fresh insights into life, whether you're going on a road trip with pals or backpacking through Europe. Why not check out TravelGrad for all your post-uni travel needs?


In conclusion, the first summer after graduating from university can be a fun time that is full of chances for both personal and professional development. You may use your summer and get ready for the next stage of your life by thinking back on your time at university, setting objectives, developing a routine, networking, pursuing internships or volunteer opportunities, looking after yourself, and travelling.