Are you making the most out of your creative peak?

Ernesto Jimenez
Marketing Intern
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It has long been debated at what point in their lives people are at their most creative. Thankfully recent studies argue that we experience two creative peaks throughout our lifetime, and you might be entering (or you are right in the middle of) your first one. Research shows that people are at their most creative first in their early to mid-20s, and then at their mid-50s. So how do you make the most out of this productive state you find yourself in? 

Here are some considerations to take into account when you start your next employment, business venture or that shelved passion project:  

1. Don’t be afraid to challenge the norm

Those experiencing their first creative peak tend to fall under the branch of what are considered “conceptual innovators”. These are those who “think outside of the box” and challenge the established conceptions of their field. These years are characterised by inexperienced and incompetency, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. That second guessing you carry around with you can be the genesis of new approaches in a field. 

2. Embrace the endless scroll and the redirecting 

The endless scroll and URL redirections have enabled us to access rabbit holes of information. Being exposed to an endless number of resources like multiple social media platforms, search engines and connectivity with people from all around the globe sounds like a blessing. In reality it can be a curse in disguise. It’s easy to get yourself distracted or overwhelmed by the vast sea of knowledge that is offered in the digital age. Nevertheless, the mindset with which you should approach this is one of curiosity. You are 5 clicks away from finding something new and exciting. The good thing about uncharted territory is that you won’t know where you went wrong, so you might as well be curious about it, and then embrace and apply some of it to your creative process.

3. Invest in yourself/exercise what you feel you are getting good at 

Soon rather than later you will find that one thing you excel at. Whether it is a skill that is practically relevant to your career path, or more of a general life skill, invest time, effort and confidence in it. That last one is key because confidence is key in any creative process. Exercising that skill will eventually grant you mastery and before you notice it will take over by itself becoming second nature.