Graduating in 2017? Take a look at what last year’s grads are up to now

Helen Jackson
Campaigns Executive

It’s been one year since 2016 graduates threw their mortar boards into the air and waved goodbye to the bubble that is university to embark upon life in “the real world”.

But what have they been up to since?

We’ve spoken to 5 grads who finished their degrees last year and are now working in roles up and down the country.

If you’re a 2017 graduate, it’s definitely worth a read - it may help you find the answer to that dreaded question: "what’s next?"


1. Josie studied History at the University of Exeter 

Now, she’s a Recruitment Consultant at Harvey Nash


Josie left the South West to find a position in London – a move that she felt was always on the cards, having grown up near-by. However, while she had an idea of where she wanted to be, she wasn’t certain about what career to pursue:

“When I was in third year, I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do after university,” she remembered. “I knew I wanted to work with people, I wanted to work with clients and I wanted to work in a sociable job.”

After carefully considering what career would allow her to achieve this, she landed on Recruitment and successfully applied to join global agency Harvey Nash’s London branch – one of their 40+ international offices – in July 2016. Since then, she’s been enjoying life as a grad:

“I really liked being a student and I enjoyed the lifestyle but… now I have money to travel, see places I always wanted to go… and I really enjoy my career.”




2. Tom studied Psychology at the University of Warwick 

Now, he’s a Programmatic Display Account Manager at Merkle-Periscopix




3. Zanzi studied International Business Management and Spanish at Lancaster University 

Now, she’s a Client Associate at Threefold, part of Shopper Media Group




4. Emma studied Business and International Management at Northumbria University

Now, she’s a Recruitment Consultant at Maxxima




5. Jack studied Geography at Durham University 

Now, he’s a Graduate Consultant at IFS