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The 6 graduate programmes that all final-year STEM students should be looking at right now

If you’re currently studying for a STEM degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics, chances are that you’re looking at the possibility of joining a Technology Graduate Scheme when you leave university next summer.

These schemes can offer access to a range of career pathways and training, often with the chance to gain extra professional accreditation – but with such a vast selection of courses, academies and training schemes on offer, how can you identify which would suit you best? That’s where we come in.

We’ve pulled together a description of some of the opportunities that you will most likely come across on your job hunt, as well as some companies who are offering those opportunities right now.



Network Engineering

A Network Engineer creates, maintains and enhances the complex infrastructure upon which the internal communications of nearly every company depends. As well as learning how to design and implement new systems, a Network Engineering Graduate Programme will teach you how to continue improving any existing networks, ensuring maximum performance for all users at all times. You’ll need to be a skilled planner and problem-solver, as well as an agile thinker – if that sounds like you then take a look at this opportunity with a global Communications giant:



IT Service Management

Ensuring that the services provided to a customer are delivered as efficiently as possible is the mission that lies at the heart of this sector. As part of an IT Service Management Graduate Programme, you will have the opportunity to gain an insight into the overarching function of IT services within a company – being able to think analytically will come in very handy here, as you develop key management skills that can be applied to a range of career paths within IT and across other areas, too. Find out more about this career path with FDM here:



Project Management

Similar to the above, Project Management is an essential part of any IT development cycle as it ensures that all tasks are running on time and within budget. On this graduate programme you will be overseeing a range of projects and learning the ins and outs of the sector, often with the chance to gain professional qualifications along the way. Unsurprisingly perhaps, a strong track record of organisation will be beneficial, coupled with a willingness to learn more about the IT industry. You can find out more about a career in Project Management with this international leader here:



Looking for an opportunity to use your strong communication skills in the world of Tech? Working closely with clients as a Consultant could be the answer. With the opportunity to take part in a range of different projects across your career, IT Consultancy is a fast-changing role which requires additional soft skills alongside your STEM degree, such as teamwork and project management, but this pace and variety is what makes it a very attractive opportunity for a lot of graduates. FDM are hiring graduates across the company to do just that with one of their 180 prestigious clients – find out more here:




Software Development

A Software Developer is responsible for the design and implementation of software programs, ranging in size from crowd-funded apps to systems for global corporations. From conception to completion, a Developer is involved in identifying the specification of a new program, preparing the requirements for what must be coded and then the design itself, often followed by testing and maintenance as the program evolves. It’s a way to use your creative skills within a digital setting, and software developers are often in high demand across a range of industries: including ours. Interested? Check out this opportunity to join the GradTouch team in Manchester right now:




Software Test Analytics

This stage immediately follows the role of the Software Development team and is equally crucial in ensuring the quality of a product before it is released to your client or customer. Software testing involves searching to find any room for error within the system, website or application being developed, documenting these errors and ensuring they are corrected properly. As you can imagine, an impeccable eye for detail is essential, as is a passion for fixing problems and a good knowledge of coding languages. Get your career started here by following the link below:




This is just the tip of the iceberg - there are countless ways to use your STEM skills in either a creative, managerial or problem-solving capacity - or even all three at the same time - within a role in Technology. Competition can be fierce for these graduate programmes, but taking time to look at which courses match your skills and interests now will make the start of your application process so much smoother.