6 reasons why Manchester is a great place to find a graduate job

Sean Talbot
Head of Audience

The UK's second city: witnessing a boom, deep in culture and history, and more united than ever before.

Manchester is a great place to start your career as a graduate, here are just a few resons why.


1. There are currently 41,555 job openings in the city

That’s according to a recent report by Glassdoor into the top 25 places to work in the UK, which saw Manchester rank highly for job satisfaction. 

You’ll find every type of company – big and small – in Manchester, with more and more businesses choosing to headquarter or open offices in the city. From LADbible to KPMG, the BBC to GradTouch, it’s full of unique start-ups, global giants and media big names. 


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2. It is the most ‘liveable’ city in the UK

And has held that title for some time. Ranked by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the global report released annually lists the top cities worldwide for liveability based on stability, culture, environment, education and infrastructure. Manchester is ranked in the top tier globally as somewhere with “few, if any, challenges to living standards”.


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3. The cost of living is much lower than in London

You’ll likely encounter money stresses wherever you live, but with prices consistently and considerably cheaper in Manchester than in London (the destination grads usually flock to) you’ll find a greater sense of financial freedom and stability up north.

Some of the latest (October 2017) stats from numbeo include:

  • Rent is 58% cheaper than in London
  • Beer is up to 22% cheaper than in London
  • Taxis are up to 54% cheaper than in London
  • Gym memberships are up to 42% cheaper than in London
  • A meal in a restaurant is up to 16% cheaper than in London
  • Overall, you’ll need £4,500 in London to afford what £2,970 can get you in Manchester. 


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4. And house prices are (relatively) low

Apartments in the city are 83% cheaper than in London, with apartments outside of the city zone 70% cheaper than in London. And while the prices are currently low, Manchester recently ranked number 1 for house price growth in 2017, with an average increase of over 7%. So, if you're looking to get on the property ladder, now is the time to do it, and Manchester is the place.


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5. The city belongs to young people

National statistics show that the number of residents aged 25-39 is increasing, with almost 35% of the entire population being aged between 20-34. With a high number of university students, foreign workers, and more increasingly graduates staying in the city, Manchester has a vibrant, young, and energetic population - perfect for recent graduates.


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6. It’s generally a friendly, creative and inspiring city that will help you find your way into adulthood

Affordable, in the middle of a boom, and absolutely full of culture and history. Manchester will give you everything you want from city life and help shape you both professionally and personally. 


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