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Why do you have to apply for some graduate jobs so far in advance?

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

There's being proactive, then there's submitting a job application almost a year in advance. 

So what's the deal? Why are companies recruiting now for jobs that don't start until well into 2020? And should you submit your application now or later? Well, here's a couple of reasons why companies recruit so early, and why you shouldn't wait around to apply. 




Some companies recruit on an on-going basis 

In a lot of instances, companies set their application deadlines for a certain date but recruit on an on-going basis anyway. This means that they review applications as and when they come in, and hire as they go. So if they find who they're looking for in the first month or so, there's every chance they will close applications early or leave the advert up but not review any subsequent applications. 

Given this, it's wise to apply for a position as soon as you see the advert to give yourself the best chance of getting it. Always double check the job profile too, as some companies will specify if they recruit on an on-going basis or not. Be aware that not every company will disclose this info though, so apply early to be on the safe side. 


The recruitment process can often span the whole year 

The recruitment process for some graduate opportunities is long. Graduate schemes for example, require online applications, psychometric testing, group interviews and assessment days before companies choose who to hire, so they often put up the initial job advert early. 

Although most companies don't explicitly state when's the best time to apply, it's better to submit your application sooner rather than later or the recruitment process might have progressed on.


Grad schemes generally target proactive final year students 

Most grad schemes open applications in September of one year, when the role won't actually start until September the following year, because they're targeting fresh final years who have just gone back to uni. All the big companies with big schemes fight for the most proactive and best students, that's why they post their schemes as soon as term time starts. So basically, if you apply early, you'll fall into the category of 'proactive' which should work in your favour in the application process.

This doesn't mean you have to apply now, as many application windows remain open until Spring the following year. It also doesn't mean you have to be in your final year to apply - graduates from previous years can apply for some grad schemes up to 3 years after graduating! 


So which companies should you apply for right now? 

Some companies on our website recruit on an on-going basis or have long application processes so if you want to apply, you should do so soon. They include: 

  • Johnson Matthey

Global leader in sustainable technologies Johnson Matthey are hiring graduates to join their Commercial, Science and Operations Graduate Programmes. You'll help them solve complex global challenges including improving air quality and developing ways to use our planet's finite natural resources more efficiently, using expert science. Once each role is filled they close it, so don't wait around to submit your application. 

  • BDO 

BDO are looking for graduates to join their range of graduate schemes in Tax, Audit & Assurance, Advisory Services and Business Services and Outsourcing. You'll be joining an ambitious, entrepreneurial and high-growth business who'll fully support you throughout your training. They advise you to apply ASAP to avoid disappointment because they screen applications as and when they're submitted. 

  • Deloitte

There are 29 student and graduate opportunities at Deloitte open on our website right now from grad schemes, to internships, to industrial placements. You'll notice that the deadline for their grad schemes is August 2020 (yes, one whole year away). Don't wait around to apply though as the recruitment process will span a few months - the earlier you apply, the quicker you can get cracking on the next stage of the application.


There's over 150 opportunities on GradTouch right now so whether you're looking for a placement, internship, job or graduate scheme, there's something for everyone. Check us out right here.