These are the 10 friendliest cities in the UK

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

Nottingham is the friendliest city in the UK. 

The midlands city topped the rankings from data collected by mobile network giffgaff, who wanted to know what factors best create community spirit and which cities exhibit them. 

Signs of community spirit included signing for neighbour's parcels, chatting over the garden fence, donating to local charities, helping out on online forums and having a neighbour Whatsapp group. 

With 98% of people believing they were on good terms with their neighbours in Nottingham, they topped the rankings. Unfortunately for Sheffield, with only 17% of people reporting that they've got community spirit, the Yorkshire city ranked as the least friendly in the UK. 

Want to know how friendly your city is? Check out the top 10 here. 


1. Nottingham 



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2. Cardiff



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3. Newcastle 




4. Liverpool 



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5. Leicester 



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6. Oxford 



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7. Glasgow 



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8. Leeds 



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9. Plymouth 



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10. Brighton 



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