This student's toilet paper calculator tells you how long your supply will last

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

Running low on loo roll? 

No one is entirely sure why British people came out in their droves to stockpile the entire country's supply of toilet paper over the past two weeks, given that coronavirus has zero impact on the workings of your bottom half, but alas, we did. And perhaps you're one of the lucky few who's got enough rolls to create a toilet paper igloo in your back garden where you can spend your time self-isolating peacefully, never fearing the day you use up your last, beloved sheet.

But if your loo roll stash is more on the modest side, it might be helpful to know how long you've got until showering after every toilet trip or having to set aside 'towels for toilet use only', becomes reality.


Lucky for you, quick-thinking student and Software Developer from London, Ben Sassoon, and artist Sam Harris, have created a handy tool to help you work out how long your stash will tide you over for and how to make it last longer. 

Input the number of rolls you have and the number of times you visit the toilet per day, and the calculator will tell you how many days you can expect your supply to last. There's also some advanced options if you really know the nitty gritty of your toilet paper usage, including: average number of wipes per trip, sheets per wipe, sheets on the roll, people in your household and days you'll be in quarantine.

As well as providing you with a bit of a laugh, the toilet paper calculator is also a super useful tool to work out how much you really need to buy to last you through the pandemic - the average person has 500% more toilet paper than they need. You can find out how long your stash will last at

Now, nobody's expecting you to spend your time in self-isolation creating toilet paper calculators, but this is the perfect opportunity to kick-start your job hunt. Whether that's giving your CV some TLC, applying for a graduate scheme or job or brushing up on your interview skills, we've got all the advice and opportunities on our website.