This is what it takes to thrive and progress in a new job role, as told by experienced recruiters


Getting on to the career ladder is one thing, but then you also have to work your way up it. How do you know if you’re moving forward? What skills does it take to do well in a competitive industry? And will all companies give you the same level of potential?

We spoke with some experienced recruitment consultants currently working at Pro-Recruitment Group to find out what it is they have that enabled them to do well in their roles, and what advice they’d give to people just stepping onto the ladder.



Ashleigh Polakiewicz, a Consultant who’s been with Pro-Recruitment for 2 and a half years, says it’s all about attitude. Ashleigh ranks a “positive attitude”, “interpersonal skills” and “work ethic” highly and says they’re crucial to have if you want to work your way up. Ashleigh says her current employer has a family feel which means the ability to communicate well and get along with your colleagues is even more essential. She adds: “I come into work every day happy and looking forward to catching up with everyone. I love it, and wouldn’t go anywhere else.”


Dominic Watt has been with the organisation for 3 years and has worked his way up to Senior Consultant in that time. “[You need] drive and determination to want to do well. You’ll be given the foundations to succeed, especially in recruitment, but it’s about acting on them,” he says.

We asked Dominic what he thinks his top skills are, to understand the type of people who progress quickly in a company like Pro-Recruitment. He lists his ability to retain knowledge, manage relationships and his communication and negotiation skills.

Dominic had this to say to anyone wondering what to do with their career right now:

“Anyone starting out should consider Pro-Rec. It’s an excellent opportunity to be a specialist in a niche market without having to operate in a cutthroat sales environment. Once part of the Pro family, you’ll get all the support and guidance to succeed.”


George Tatnell is a Managing Consultant at Pro-Recruitment Group and has been with the company for 3 years. “[You have to] maintain your competitive nature without letting your ego get in the way!” he says, when talking about his success. We asked him how others can progress like he has, and what it takes both professionally and personally to stand out:

“Enthusiasm, dedication and fitting in to the family.”

George says his number one piece of advice for anyone just starting out is to “work harder than everyone else, make mistakes and be fearless!”.




Kate Green, recently promoted to Management Consultant (starting as an Associate Consultant) with over 4 years at the company, says that a positive attitude goes a long way when you’re looking to make a name for yourself. She says you have to want to be a part of the company’s success story and not see yourself as separate from it. “Wanting to help grow the business is definitely an important factor,” she adds.

Kate’s advice to new-starters is to smile, relax and not be afraid to ask questions. She adds that, especially at Pro-Recruitment, everyone is there to help you as you get going.


Finally, we spoke to Chris Davey, a Consultant at Pro-Recruitment who says it’s up to you to learn from your experiences – even the bad ones.

“Personally, it takes hard work, tenacity, determination and a willingness to learn. You are going to make mistakes – run with them, embrace them, and most importantly, learn from them,” he says on what it takes to do well. Chris mentions that the support and investment in his own development and training that he received at Pro-Recruitment has helped him massively – as well as his “never give up” attitude.

When talking about Pro-Recruitment, Chris says that everyone is on the same team: “When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. When one of us falls, we help pick them back up. We’re collegiate both in and out of the workplace, and this culture breeds enjoyment and success.”

To anyone starting out, particularly if you’re applying at Pro-Recruitment, Chris says: “come in with an open mind and give it your best shot.”