Travelling or grad scheme? Here's how you can do both after graduation

Sean Talbot - paid sponsorship with PwC

With not long to go before the end of the academic year and graduation looming, you’re probably starting to wonder (or maybe panic) about what comes next. 

It’s always hard not to compare yourself to others, especially when it comes to making big life decisions such as what you’re supposed to do after graduation. You know of some people who’ve already secured a place on a graduate scheme for when uni finishes, and you also know some who are planning to take some time out to travel the world before diving into a career. 

But what about you? What if you want to do both? Is that even possible?




We know that finishing university with the grade you want is your top priority at the moment, and we also know that you should be allowed time to celebrate everything you’ve achieved after you’re done. If you’re a proactive student who wants to take steps to secure their future, but also one who wants to see the world and explore what else is out there a bit more before committing to a career, then here’s something for you: 

Top professional services firm PwC have a graduate scheme available for people graduating this year, but with a twist. Applications are open now, but the start date is nearly a whole year away - April 2020. 

This scheme is designed to give graduates with the foresight to know they’ll probably want to see South America or the Great Barrier Reef at some point in the future, or take a few months gaining other experiences and skills, the chance to pursue those dreams without disrupting their future. 

So now you can graduate without panicking about what comes next, and instead be excited for what the second half of the year will have in store for you before you start your graduate career at a Big Four professional services firm. 

If you’re on course to graduate with a 2:1 or above then you can apply now to join PwC’s Assurance programme in a range of locations from the South East to Scotland. 


What does the scheme involve? 

Each of the regional schemes will see you working in Assurance, which involves providing clients with reliable data they can trust to make informed decisions. PwC use cutting-edge technology to provide market leading services to a wide range of industries, and help business to navigate an increasingly unpredictable world with confidence. 

If you’re going to apply for the scheme it helps to be a people person, and you’ll need resilience and drive to stand out in the role. But you’ll also learn a lot while on board. 

A career at PwC is all about opportunity and building an exceptional career, and they’re champions of diversity when it comes to hiring. According to PwC: “It’s critical we have diverse talent, views and thinking if we are to deliver exceptional client value and solve the world’s important problems. We seek to attract and recruit people from the widest talent pool, who reflect the society in which we work.”

They’re looking for the next generation of innovators to push their business forward and achieve its goal of being the number one professional services firm globally. 

It’s believed at PwC that when you feel motivated and energised by your work, you're more able to contribute to the organisation, as well as achieve your aspirations, so you can apply confident that when you finally start in Spring 2020, you’ll be entering a rewarding and positive working environment that focuses on your own aspirations and development as well as the business’. 


Applications are open now

Learn more and start your application here today and you could soon be looking forward to one extra summer before ‘the real world’ truly begins.