This company is hiring someone who'll get paid to go to the pub

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

If you had plans to go to the pub anyway, you might as well get paid for it. 

Audit and Compliance Services company Serve Legal are making the dreams of 18 and 19 year old pub goers come true with their new Pub Auditor roles. You'll be given the simple task of going to a load of pubs in your local area to check whether you get ID'd for buying age-restricted items like alcohol and cigarettes.

After each trip to the pub you'll be asked to write up a short report about the experience and whether the venue followed the 'Think 25' policy. In return, you'll be paid somewhere in the region of £5-£50 per trip. 


It's as good as it sounds, according to David Sharples, one of Serve Legal's Area Managers. "I think what really attracts our auditors to come to work for us is the fact that they can get paid for doing what they might do anyway", he says. "The work offered is flexible and works around what our auditors want to do, which attractive to people who are in education or possibly even other part-time jobs."   

If you can't get enough of auditing, there's even the chance to turn it into a full-time job, explains David: "Some auditors do make this their full-time job, as the work is so well-paid and available." 

If you're over the age limit for Serve Legal's Pub Auditor role fear not, because there's other auditing opportunities on offer, including visits to casinos.  

Interesting in applying? This is what Serve Legal are looking for in you: 

  • Aged 16-19 for age-related testing 
  • Aged 20+ for wider compliance audits 
  • Dedicated and reliable 
  • Detail focused 
  • Self-motivated 
  • Wanting to explore their local area 

Click here to apply or if, for whatever reason, you don't want to get paid to go to the pub or you're too old to apply, we've got a range of opportunities for students and graduates on our website. We can't promise they'll offer free alcohol though...