This is what an average day is like on the Rustlers graduate scheme

Katie Harrison
Campaigns Executive

Meet Victoria, a Marketing graduate from Lancaster University on the Rustlers Graduate Scheme.

Rustlers are currently hiring graduates to join their 2018 scheme in September: if you like what Victoria has to say and think it could be the job for you, you can find out more and apply here


Hi, I’m Victoria and I’m on the Rustlers Graduate Scheme within Kepak Convenience Foods. I’m from Greater Manchester, and commute to Preston for work. I studied Marketing at Lancaster University and started working at Rustlers straight after graduating. 

The scheme is an 18 month rotational system, meaning I get a placement in each department of the business. My scheme starts in the operation side of the business, and then moves over to the commercial departments. I have recently finished my four-month place in Supply Chain and Demand Planning and I am now in Health, Safety and Environment. 

One thing you should know about the graduate scheme is that each rotation means you can experience every corner of the business, while also completing projects which add value directly to the business. The projects are incentive driven, meaning there are cash bonuses for successful projects.


This is what an average day is like for me, a Rustlers graduate:

6:31am (I need that extra minute): I wake up, wash and get myself ready for work - that can take up to anything from 20 minutes to 50 minutes depending on how much of a diva I’m being that morning. Today it only took me 20 minutes, so today is off to a good start.

7:30am: I set off for work. On a good day this will take me 45 minutes, the traffic is usually pretty good once getting into Preston. As soon as I get to the office I, most importantly, get some food for my breakfast.

8:30am: I head to my desk and start my day. With my placements starting within the operations side of business, this morning I am attending a factory meeting where all sides of operations come together to report about the previous day.

9:00am: Firstly, I’ll check for any important emails and check my calendar for any meetings I might have today. Being a graduate not only means I have work and training to complete in the department I am situated in, I also have my departmental projects to complete. At the beginning of my day, I will plan my time around these factors to ensure I complete all my tasks on time. 

9:15am: As part of my project, today I have arranged a meeting with a potential new service provider for the company, so I will use this time to prepare for the meeting.  

12:30pm: DINNER! I normally bring my own lunch, however the canteen does put on a pretty good spread and I’m normally always tempted by the homemade muffins. 

1:00pm: My potential service provider has arrived on site and it’s time for the meeting to start.

1:30pm: The meeting went well. To continue my project I will write up the results and minutes of the meeting. A final decision on the potential new service provider will be decided after all the meetings are over throughout the next couple of weeks.

2:00pm: I normally use my afternoon to further develop and advance other areas of my project, but to also complete any other work I have been set. 

4:30pm: Today, I have an informal catch-up with my graduate tutor. We usually head over to the canteen, get a coffee and chat about our weeks in and outside of work. We discuss what I have planned in for the next few weeks and any issues that I may have. These catch-ups take place every other week.

5:00pm: Home time! Before I leave, I make sure I am up to date and on schedule with all my work and I have everything prepared for the next day. I’m a list maker, so it’s easy and quick to check and tick everything off. 

6:00pm: I normally start making my tea as soon as I’m home: while doing this, I will prepare my dinner for the next day. In the evening I’ll normally go to the gym, go swimming or see some friends. Tonight is my spin class – so please send help!

10:00-10:30pm: Personally, I need as many hours sleep as I can get. So on a weekday I’ll normally be in bed for around half 10 and I’m out like a light.