A day in the life of an Assistant Merchandiser at Next

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

A career is so much more than just a job description. 

That's what GradTouch's Day in the Life series is about. We interview recent graduates like you about the work they're doing - from finding out how early they have to wake up, to whether the food in the office canteen is any good. You can hear insights into the roles you could do and what they really involve, from graduates themselves. 

Meet Kirsty, an Assistant Merchandiser at Next. Next are currently hiring Trainee Merchandisers, so if you like what Kirsty has to say and think it could be the job for you, you can find out more and apply here. 




Hey, I'm Kirsty and I'm an Assistant Merchandiser at Next.

I'm from Scotland. I studied Economics and Accounting at the University of Edinburgh, then I did a Master's at Loughborough University. Now I work in Leicester at Next HQ. 

You should know that one of the perks of working at Next is having a Direct to Desk account. When you order from the Next website a staff discount is applied and your parcel is delivered direct to your desk the next day. 




Here's what an average day is like for me as an Assistant Merchandiser:

6am: I wake up, have a shower and get ready for work. The dress code is quite casual - I usually wear jeans and a shirt, or a dress. 

7:15am: I set off for my drive to work, which takes about 50 minutes. 

8am: I arrive at Head Office. I grab breakfast at work - normally poached egg on toast from the canteen, or a toasted tea cake from the coffee shop. Once I'm at my desk the first thing I do is check my emails and print the best sellers pack. This is a report we print off every day that shows how sales have been this week and which products are performing best. I highlight items of interest and then print a copy for the rest of my team and the managers. 

11am: We have a range build meeting scheduled this morning - one of my favourite things to do at work. The merchandising team sit down with the buyers and designers to discuss what we want to include in next season's range. We look at emerging trends as well as historical sales analysis to help ensure we get the balance and mix of the range just right. 

12:30pm: I have a packed lunch with me today, but I often eat at around this time in the staff restaurant - the lasagne is amazing!

5pm: I leave the office. I check my emails and make sure there are no outstanding delivery issues on the work list before I leave.




7pm: I get home after going to the local gym - it's ideal as it's only five minutes away from work. I work out for about an hour and then drive back home.

The team at Next often socialise outside of the office: last Friday we had a team night out in Leicester for Hollie's birthday. We went to a restaurant for dinner and then out for some drinks and dancing after. 

11pm: I'm a night owl, so I don't go to bed until after 11. Once I've had dinner, I spend my evenings watching television, on FaceTime to my family and preparing for the next day at work.   



Interested in working alongside Kirsty and starting your Retail career at Next? They're hiring Trainee Merchandisers to work at their Leicester HQ now. Find out more and apply here.


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