This company is hiring one lucky person to taste their biscuits

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

Good jobs crumb to those who wait.

Partial to a Malted Milk or four in the evening? Can't drink a cup of tea without a Digestive to dunk in? First one over to the biscuit selection box at Christmas? Then read on, because your biscuit tasting skills can finally help you earn some money.



Biscuit company, Borders Biscuits, are hiring a Master Biscuitier to, well, taste their biscuits. It's important that you know what makes a truly exceptional biscuit because it'll be your job to monitor the quality of their batches. You'll also need to be a 'creative, innovative foodie, obsessed with the best', 'authentic, open and honest, with a proactive can-do approach' and show 'excellent prioritisation, organisation and time management skills.' 

Unfortunately, you'll also need some experience beyond just being able to wolf down a packet of Custard Creams, to apply. Borders are looking for someone with a degree in either Food Science, Nutrition or another food related subject, and you should have a solid understanding of bakery products and processes too (having the Greggs menu memorised probably doesn't count as a 'solid understanding of bakery products', FYI). 

You'll be paid a whopping £40,000 (?!?!) salary for your hard work and will also benefit from a profit share bonus scheme, discount at over 1000 retailers and learning and development opportunities. Oh, and you'll have to relocate to Lanark in Scotland for the role, but that's a small price to pay for a £40k salary and a tummy full of biscuits, right? 

So, if you tick the boxes and are ready to launch a biscuit tasting career then you can find out more and apply right here.  Good luck!