Volunteer with the International Citizen Service and make a positive impact on the world

Katie Harrison
Campaigns Executive

Graduates of 2017, the time has come. The exams are over, the coursework is done, your last summer holiday ever is looming and the prospect of never receiving another student loan is becoming only too real…

Still got no idea what happens next? That’s totally okay.

If you're looking for something to broaden your horizons and give you unique and exciting life experiences - we’ve found just that, starting this September, open to graduates from across the UK.




The International Citizen Service (ICS) is a volunteer programme for 18-25 year olds that supports some of the poorest communities in over 20 countries worldwide. Designed to create a sustainable, long term impact, their projects play a key part in developing local education, building vital infrastructure, raising awareness of citizens’ rights and helping small businesses to grow and revitalise their economy.


Funded by the British Government, this is an ideal opportunity to build up your CV and make a positive impact on the world while you figure out what you want from a career. 




What will I be doing?

Throughout your 12-week placement you will be staying with a local family and supporting the community in a project chosen to match your skillset and experience. This could be running events to raise awareness, assisting schoolchildren in class or helping local entrepreneurs pick up core business skills. No matter what your degree or your university experience, you can be sure that everything you do will have a direct impact on the futures of those you work with on a day to day basis.

Forget the office desk and get ready to experience a whole new culture: current project locations range across Asia, South America and Africa, from Bangladesh to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. All costs of travel, accommodation, insurance and any medical precautions – such as vaccines – will be provided, but do remember: volunteering with ICS is not a holiday. It’s demanding, and will be challenging, but ultimately the experience is hugely rewarding.




The adventure starts way before your plane touches down, thanks to pre-placement training that will introduce you to key information about your destination country, your project’s goals and other essential briefings. You will also be supported to raise £800 before your departure, which will cover any remaining costs of the project.

Upon your return, you will have the opportunity to apply your new skills and experiences to your local community and create positive social change a little closer to home. From the first training day to the last, with ICS you will always have a guide close at hand to help.




It goes without saying, this is an unmissable opportunity to develop that “Experience” section of your CV: teamwork, independence, leadership and innovation are just some of the core skills you can expect to sharpen during your travels.


How do I sign up?

To find out more and register your interest, apply here.

After your application has been submitted, you will receive a call to explain the rest of the process, including a selection day consisting of group activities and interviews to help ensure that ICS is the right programme for you.

This is your chance to make a difference. Don’t miss out.