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6 London uni graduates who landed jobs in the capital – and how you can too

Helen Jackson
Campaigns Executive

Anyone who has spent time in London will know what a great city it is. So, it's not hard to see why many people who study there look to stay once university is over.

Below, you’ll find the stories of graduates who have attended universities across London, before securing a job there and going on to achieve great things professionally.

Each works for an organisation that’s looking to hire graduates now – have a read and you could be following in their footsteps.



1. Tom – studied Civil Engineering at City University

Now a Signalling Design Development Interface Manager at Colas Rail



After studying Civil Engineering at City University, Tom had no doubt about staying in the capital, believing it would be the best place to advance his career.

“I always knew I wanted to work in London,” he reflects. “It's a vibrant city, with a wide range of opportunities to work in an ever-growing Engineering field.”

This led to him joining Colas Rail in 2011, where he embarked on a series of rotations to transform him into an expert in Railway Services. Fast-forward a few years and he’s finished the programme and progressed up the ranks to the position of Signalling Design Development Interface Manager - a role that involves looking after signalling nationally.

The European leader in railway is currently looking for grads with a 2:1 or above in an Engineering-related subject to join their Technical Programme. The two-year scheme will see you developing your skills and will help you on your way to becoming a Chartered Engineer.

Apply by 18 June 2017:




2.  John – studied Physiotherapy at the University of East London

Now a Junior Consultant at Cranberry Panda



Making the jump from Physiotherapy to Recruitment may not be an obvious one, but it’s one that John hasn’t regretted. Once he had graduated from the University of East London, he took a new direction and started with Cranberry Panda, who specialise in the Ecommerce industry, in July 2016.

Despite taking a less obvious route than may have been expected, he’s found he’s picked things up quickly because of the support he’s received.

“The people at Cranberry Panda are exceptional at their jobs and so willing to share everything that they've learnt,” he remarks when asked about his experience so far. “It’s going to benefit me so much in the coming months, and coming years, here.”

If you’re looking to take the next step in your Recruitment career in a team that takes pride in the development opportunities and training that they provide to employees, then look no further. From one-to-one meetings to group training sessions, the learning never stops with Cranberry Panda. Their mission is to “create happiness – one job at a time.” You can expect incredible perks, such as company ski-trips, too.

Send your CV by 25 July 2017:




3.  Shahina – studied a Multimedia Master’s at the University of Westminster

Now a Technical Web Analyst at Merkle-Periscopix​



Leaving her native Canada behind, Shahina took her Master’s in Multimedia at the University of Westminster here in the UK. However, rather than heading back across the pond after graduation, she decided to stay and joined Digital Marketing firm Merkle-Periscopix in June 2015.

“The position was exactly what I wanted,” she remembers, after being asked why she applied. “As soon as I visited the site for the first time I knew the company was really fun, really relaxed,” she adds.

And, that gut-feeling wasn’t wrong. “I really enjoy my job, and really enjoy all the people that we work with,” she says. “There’s always something new to learn and every day is different, which makes coming into work really exciting.”

The award-winning specialists are currently recruiting for a Programmatic Display Account Manager to manage online advertising campaigns for big-name clients, including Warner Brothers and Mulberry. Based in Tower Bridge, you’ll learn all about this exciting, rapidly evolving area of Digital Marketing during a comprehensive training schedule, before getting stuck in and taking control of your own projects.   

The deadline is 5 June 2017:




4.  Tom – studied History at Royal Holloway

Now a Senior Researcher at Society



Not only did Tom take his undergraduate History degree at Royal Holloway, he liked it there so much that he stayed on to complete a Master’s too. He left in 2015 and began his career as a Researcher at Society shortly after, following his ambition to build a fulfilling career in Recruitment.

Initially attracted to the organisation because of their ethical nature, he’s liked being able to purely work with responsible businesses as part of a team that’s charitable themselves.

“[An] aspect that was attractive to me was that they give 10% of their profits to the Society Foundation, helping vulnerable and unemployed people back into the workplace.”

He’s also benefited from their culture of giving grads the responsibility and support needed to progress quickly; just over a year after joining, he was promoted to Senior Researcher.

If you’re looking to change the world for the better, then Society’s Researcher opportunity is a great way to do it. Sourcing candidates for purpose-driven organisations - from schools to charities - you’ll gain all the skills needed to be an effective headhunter, without having to compromise any personal values. You’ll even get an annual volunteering entitlement to ensure you can give a little back.

Get your CV in before midnight on 27 March 2017:




5.  Meera – studied Photography and History of Art at the University of East London

Now a Resourcer at UKL



Meera didn’t always know that she wanted to work in the world of Recruitment. In fact, after studying Photography and History of Art at the University of East London, she completed several internships with Photography companies, believing that was where her future lay. However, when a friend suggested she would be suitable for Recruitment, she decided to give it a whirl. She joined UKL in November 2016, and never looked back.

“I just love the industry: the drive, the fast pace and the perks are just amazing,” she says.

You too could experience all of this by applying to UKL. The agency sources the best people in Construction to work on projects across the city, with previous projects including The Shard and the new West Ham United stadium. As their Trainee Recruitment Resourcer, not only will you influence such developments, you’ll also get some pretty great perks in return: a swanky London Bridge office; an established 12-month training scheme guaranteed to fast-track you to a promotion; a commission scheme that will guarantee big money and company incentive trips. How does a stay in Las Vegas’ Bellagio sound?

Apply before the 27 March 2017 deadline:




6.  Felicia – studied International Business at Brunel University

Now a Graduate Consultant at IFS



After living at home while studying at Brunel University, Felicia was looking for a new challenge when choosing an employer. Although keen to remain in London, she looked for a role that would allow her to get out of the office, spread her wings and see more of the UK.

She joined IFS as a Graduate Consultant in 2015, a position that has allowed her to both continue living in London and travel the UK to visit clients regularly.  

While she’s enjoyed working autonomously, she has never felt she has been thrown in too deep: “You can still ask for help when you need it,” she comments. 

Serving over one million users worldwide, IFS provides business software solutions aimed at helping organisations to become more agile. Their Young Professionals Programme equips graduates with the confidence and knowledge necessary to become a Consultant to global businesses in just 18–24 months.

Interested? They need your application by 22 June 2017:




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