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5 grads who used their degree to land a job in London, and how you can too

Helen Jackson
Campaigns Executive

Making the move to the capital is something that features high up on many graduates' 'To Do' lists.

However, in a city that boasts the title of the financial capital of the UK, how do you know where to begin your job hunt?

Below you'll find the stories of 5 graduates who have all been there, done that and bagged the job of their dreams. And the really good news is that they're all working in organisations that are hiring graduates in London right now.

Take a look and be inspired...


1. Lucy, Trainee Recruitment Consultant at Maxxima

After leaving the University of York, Lucy found herself joining London-based Recruitment agency Maxxima, driven by the desire to succeed and really make something of herself in an environment that was as challenging as it was fun.

“I don’t think I necessarily got the job because of my grades or where I studied. I think it's more that they're looking for someone that's hard working, driven, competitive and has got the will to succeed,” she said. “Everyone here is really personable and friendly and so they were looking for someone to fit in with that,” she added.

If you’re also looking to accelerate your career within a company that operates both here in the UK and overseas, Maxxima is definitely a great place to do it. Helping to place professionals in the Health and Social Care sectors, you’ll get to have a positive impact on lives across the nation and beyond. You’ll also be changing your own prospects for the better, thanks to targets set to double your salary within the first year and rapid progression.

Apply by midnight on 15 February 2018:




2. Olivia, Programmatic Display Account Manager at Merkle-Periscopix

A desire to pursue a more creative route following her Biology degree saw Olivia choosing Digital Marketing specialist Merkle-Periscopix, based in Tower Bridge, as her first graduate employer – a decision that she has never regretted.

“The thing I really love about this role is that you're given a lot of responsibility early on,” the University of Birmingham graduate shared. I presented in front of one of my clients after only being here for three months. It means you learn quickly.” 

If you’re looking to break into the Digital Marketing industry, you’d struggle to find a better place than here. Based in an A-grade office, you’ll manage online website campaigns for high profile clients while receiving a rather attractive £22,000 to £25,000 starting salary and high-level training.

Apply before 8 December 2017 to join the award-winners after graduation:




3. Alex, Trainee Investment Manager at Smith and Williamson

After securing a Business and Management degree from Exeter in 2015, Alex joined leading Financial services firm Smith and Williamson. He did so for three reasons: their reputation, the breadth of rotation that their Trainee Investment Manager scheme offered and the support that they offer to graduates with their professional exams.

However, he soon came to learn that they actually provide much more than that, with the work-life balance they encourage quickly becoming his favourite aspect of the job:

“You’re actively encouraged to pursue social activities outside of the firm,” he comments. “Things like the Smith and Williamson Cricket team, which I’ve been able to partake in, have been really fantastic.”

Now, you could follow in Alex’s footsteps and develop the expertise needed to become a trusted financial adviser in three-years. Smith and Williamson are currently looking for Private Client Tax Trainees to join them. Funded, extensive study-leave and internal training will help you to prepare for professional qualifications, while also giving you the opportunity to prove yourself as worthy of a secondment in one of their overseas branches, such as Brisbane.

The closing date is 14 September 2017:




4. Charlotte, Business Development Manager at Colossus Bets

When looking for a role, University of Greenwich graduate Charlotte had one thing in mind: she wanted to challenge and push herself. After speaking to Colossus Bet’s CEO she believed it would be somewhere that would allow her to do so. Her instinct was right; she’s gained experience across a number of departments within the Sports and Gaming company since starting in 2015:

“With Colossus being a start-up, you get a lot of exposure to different things,” she reflects. “You can try different areas within the company.”

There’s no denying that Colossus Bets is a unique place to start your career. As their Betting Pools Operator, you’ll get involved in everything from Customer Service to Social Media, giving you the opportunity to progress in the area that suits you best, whether it’s Marketing, Client Relations, Data Analysis, Product Testing or something else.

Love sport? Embrace it. Get your CV in before 7 August 2017:




5. Beth, Senior Associate at Wilkinson Partners

After finishing her Theology and Religion degree at Durham University, Beth was keen to move to the capital but wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. She had an idea that she wanted both to work with people and be in a Sales environment, so, after some research, she joined boutique Executive Search firm Wilkinson Partners, believing they would allow her to do just this.

Since starting with them in September 2015, she’s learnt a lot, including how to think on her feet, manage teams and build relationships with candidates and clients. All of this has definitely paid off:

“One of the best parts about working here is the progression I’ve seen since joining. I joined as a Researcher and a few months later was promoted to an Associate. Just over a year later, I was promoted to a Senior Associate.”

You too could profit from the opportunities that this team, who have offices in London and New York, has to offer. In addition to regular reviews, an intensive induction and ongoing training will give you all the tools needed to achieve your targets and push your earnings to over £45,000 in year one. You'll also get to enjoy amazing perks, such as an onsite Wii and awards for a job well done. 

Send your CV in ASAP:



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