Buckingham Palace is hiring a chef to cook for the Royal Family

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

Are your cooking skills fit for a Queen? 

The Royal Household are hiring a chef to join them at Buckingham Palace, where you'll work alongside a 'team of accomplished professionals' to prepare meals for a range of events. 

Although the job description doesn't mention who specifically you'll be cooking for, you'll join the Master of the Household's Office department who are responsible for official and private entertaining across all the Royal residences, so chances are your culinary skills will be passing by the lips of a few Royal Family members. 



Unfortunately, to work at Buckingham Palace you're going to need experience beyond batch cooking spag bol and chicken korma for you and your housemates on a Sunday night. The Royals acknowledge that standards are very high at the Palace so you'll need to be an 'ambitious and qualified chef', ideally with previous experience working in a 'premier kitchen or volume catering environment'. They also ask that you have an eye for detail, strong communication skills, adaptability and an eagerness to learn new skills.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that given the stress of cooking for the Royal Family, the advanced skill-set required for the role and the fact that the Royals are worth billions of pounds, you'd be earning a competitive salary in this job. Apparently not, as the job description states you'll be paid a starting salary of just £22,076. 

On the bright side, they do offer live-in accommodation with meals included if you're interested in pretending to live like a Royal, but choosing this option will affect your salary.

So, if you happen to have experience cooking in a premier kitchen (family kitchens with fancy breakfast bars don't count) and you're confident that you won't give the Royal Family food poisoning, apply before the 28th July and you could be cooking scrambled eggs for the Queen in no time.

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