5 graduate jobs you can apply for if you want to live in the US

Helen Jackson
Content Marketing Executive

The Statue of Liberty. Golden Gate Bridge. Hollywood Boulevard.

Imagine waking up every morning with one of these being just a tram, subway or yellow cab ride away.

Below are five companies with offices both here and in the Land of Opportunity. The good news? They're all looking for graduates right now.

Your very own American Dream could be just one click away. Take a look at what's on offer and get applying. 


1. GQR Global Markets – The Global Headhunter – Offices in Houston, LA and New York


The clue’s in the name: GQR Global Markets works with high end talent in every corner of the world, uniting them with the perfect job. Joining their international Recruitment team will mean you too can build the career you want, where you want – in fact, they even offer a relocation programme to make any big move that bit easier. Click 'Apply' to find out more.




2. Global Data – The Analytical Powerhouse – Offices in New York, San Francisco and Boston



3. Frank Hirth – The Transatlantic Tax Specialist – Office in New York




4. deVere – The Financial Giant – Offices in New York and Miami




5. CHP Consulting – Offices in Detriot and LA



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