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The technology sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK, with skilled candidates needed to fuel this development. According to the 2020 UK Tech Ecosystem update, one tenth of all UK job vacancies are tech roles - with the number of positions available increasing year-on-year.

This means that if you want to get into the tech industry and you’ve got some experience or a degree under your belt, you’re already off to a strong start.

Many businesses in this industry rely on graduates for innovation to create new systems or applications, support and develop the business through technology, and to act as problem-solvers for any issues in the systems.

You were born in the digital age. You’ve seen phones go from brick, to flip, to touch screen. You know how to minimise a browser window and play videos at a normal volume and for some reason everyone a lot of older people seem to really struggle with that. You’ve already got a decent head start in this industry, and if it interests you then a career in the ever-changing world of technology is a great option.

Common roles in this sector include: UX Developer, Software Developer, Programmer and Ethical Hacker.
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analytical problem-solving coding organisation data interpretation



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