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Our focus is local English language training courses. The goal is the same at all of our schools: providing excellent teaching in an immersive environment.

Our Culture - What we do

EF English First is one of 16 business units that work under the global umbrella of Education First, often referred to simply as EF. The first thing everyone notices when they join EF English First is our company culture. From our HQ in Shanghai to our schools around the country, EFer’s seem to share the same love for fun, adventure and teaching. Our schools and offices have been specifically designed to make the working environment relaxed and open, and that’s the way our teams work.

From the moment you join us, you will be introduced to your coworkers who have already walked in your shoes and experienced life as a newbie. They will be able to answer questions and help you settle in. The team dynamic makes sharing new ideas with your colleagues and managers very easy. We love to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit! That means if you want to try something new, speak to your manager or supervisor and see how you can make it happen.

Although you may be teaching in the classroom alone, it doesn’t mean you’re not a valuable member of a larger team. We’re very keen on knowledge sharing and creating an environment where people love to work.

Although most teachers work weekends, you will soon find that this isn’t too much of an issue. You will find that your other friends and colleagues who are also teachers will share similar days off. You can visit the same places you would at the weekends but without the crowds.

As part of the team, you will have weekly CPD (Continuous Professional Development) sessions, you will help your colleagues out, and they will help you out. We sponsor weekly teacher events that are optional for all teachers to join and get to know each other. You can go and grab some food and drinks together, try some cool activities and bond with your new work mates.

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