We are GradTouch

Finding a job after university can be really hard

But we’re GradTouch, a graduate jobs website that is trying to cut out all the crap and make it easier for you to find your ideal career.

Forget vague and dishonest job descriptions, forget recruiters hiding the name of the company you’re applying for, and definitely forget not hearing anything back after sending off an application – we want to put a stop to all this and more.

What we do differently

We don’t just advertise jobs, we visit the companies hiring to figure out who they are and what they believe in.
On top of that, we also:

  • Give everyone who advertises their jobs through us the tools they need to reply to every single applicant
  • Encourage companies to disclose what they pay graduates
  • Interview leaders of the company and ask them what they’re looking for, and what you can do to make your application stand out
  • Take photos and videos of the office so you know where you’ll be spending your time

Why you should join us

Tbh, we need you

Convincing employers to be more honest and open with us is hard work.

Encouraging them to share salary info and reply to every applicant is even harder.

But the more students and graduates we have on board with our mission, the easier that job becomes.

More of you = more employers being real = a better job hunting experience for everyone
Ready to take a stand with us?