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A world-leader in risk analytics, offering diverse opportunities for ambitious graduates to launch their career in the Finance market.

Our Culture


Our Culture - What we do

CRISIL are an agile and innovative global analytics company, driven by one mission: to forever improve market function by providing independent opinions, actionable insights and efficient solutions.

Our analyses, insights and solutions help lenders, borrowers, issuers, investors, regulators and intermediaries make sound decisions. We help clients manage and mitigate risks, take pricing and valuation decisions, reduce time to market, generate more revenue and enhance returns.

With offices in Asia, Europe, South America and the USA, we are set apart by a strong track record of growth, a culture of innovation and a truly global footprint. In India alone, we are the country's first, largest, and most prominent credit rating agency.

An average age of 30 means that you will be joining a young and dynamic work force, with a wide range of career options to suit different aspirations and skill-sets.

Our five core values underpin a healthy work environment across all offices: integrity, teamwork, excellence, respect and accountability.  With a people-first philosophy, we implement a non-hierarchical culture whereby the leadership team are highly approachable and new starters are made to feel welcome from day one.

We have robust development programs for employees across all levels on technical and soft-skills, including special programs for first-time managers and team leaders. 

A robust rewards framework means that we recognise success in a range of ways on an instant, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. This means there are always reasons to raise a toast on big wins, and teams often celebrate over grand get-togethers, lunches and dinners. A handful of highly special performances that create global impact are also worthy of the MD & CEO award club each year, and are handpicked by the CEO herself.

We are fortunate to have a spread of business portfolios under one brand, including credit ratings, infrastructure advisory, risk solutions, India Research, Global Research and Analytics and, within the business units, a wide array of products, services and clients that we serve. This means that our opportunities are not merely jobs, but international career journeys for the right graduates.


Training & Progression


There are plenty of opportunities for progression in CRISIL... you can keep expanding your knowledge by engaging in different types of client projects.

In CRISIL you are going to be exposed to projects [requiring] complicated maths, economics and finance to be applied to problem-solving at the same time.

Joining Crisil


Our Graduates - Who we are

Ashok's Graduate Story


I wanted to do something which excites me, which keeps me moving, and is not repetitive. CRISIL has offered me that over the last five years, and is still doing that every single day.

Our Future - Where we're going

Why Graduates Are Key To Our Future


Kshitij Bhatia, Director, Risk & Analytics

Since the foundation of CRISIL in 1987, we have delivered independent opinions, actionable insights, and efficient solutions to over 100,000 customers in countries across the globe.

We bring together our analytical capability and combine it with financial knowledge – this combination is what makes us special.

Our vision is to be the foremost provider of ratings, data and research, analytics and solutions to our clients, investors, policy makers and other market participants, and we are well on our way to achieving this.

Graduates will continue to play a crucial role in the developing of the business: as well as bringing in fresh talent and new ideas, they provide a new addition to the pool of learning that provides the foundation of shared knowledge at CRISIL.

Jobs at Crisil