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City Travel Review

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We are City Travel Review

The award-winning team helping aspiring writers and passionate travellers to broaden their creative work experience, as well as their cultural horizons. 

Take a break from your normal routine, learn a new skill or take on a new challenge

We organise 3-8 week placements in exciting European cities, during you will be supported to produce a professional online travel guide about the area. 

We also host workshops (including language classes in Berlin), taught by people who love their cities, to equip you with knowledge about your new home and the tools to develop your own skills beyond your placement.

The most popular destination for UK participants is Berlin

One of Europe's most dynamic, cosmopolitan and creative cities, Berlin is a vibrant, quirky city, filled with fashion, art, design, music and a relaxed attitude. No other city has been so dramatically split and reintegrated in such a short space of time. The eastern parts are now true centres of artistic and cultural activity.

We also offer placements in Edinburgh

The city of storytellers and ghost tours, it's a wonderful place to live thanks to a calendar packed with events. A relatively small city, veined with a maze of wynds and cobbled streets, it’s delightful to walk around. Plus, there is beautiful countryside, including Arthur's Seat, on its doorstep and the Highlands are only a short drive north.


Our programmes are well organised, while also maintaining the thrill and excitement of doing something new. That's why we have been awarded 'Best for Educational Working Projects' for two years running in 2016 & 2017 by the AI Business Excellence Awards.

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