Your Master Plan

Hunting for a graduate job can be a confusing business. That’s why it’s important to have an overall view of what you are doing and where you want to be - a ‘Master Plan’ if you will!

We've created a Word document template for you to download below that will help you to formulate your 'Master Plan'.


Master Plan

There are two ways you can use it:

a)     Top- down: Found a job that you fancy? Fill this in the top box. Next fill in the skills required (as specified on the job description) in the level below. Thirdly fill in your work experience in the final row. Match up the skills required to work experiences where you have evidenced these skills by drawing lines between the two rows. Missing some of the key skills needed? You’ll need to find work experience to show that you have them.

The example in the screenshot above is a Top-Down version

b)    Bottom- up: Not sure what job you want to do? Fill in your current work experiences in the bottom row. Next, fill in the 7 main skills that you have gained from these work experiences in the row above. Look for graduate jobs which ask for these skills to find the roles which you will be most suited to.

Enjoy your Master Plan and happy job hunting!


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