Work & Travel Abroad: An Interview With Bobby Hamilton

Students and grads are increasingly enroling on international internships as a way of boosting their employability. We caught up with final year student, Bobby Hamilton, to get an insight into his experience with the Career Journey International work abroad programme in Ghana.

Talk us through the process - from applying to eventually arriving in Ghana. Was it straightforward? 

I started looking into a foreign internship because I had been unsuccessful in my attempts to secure an internship back home. From my first contact with CJI they were great at explaining the process to me, answering any questions I had and talking me through everything that was required.

On departure, they made everything clear to me and I was welcomed at the airport and taken to the house where all the interns stayed. It all went extremely smoothly due to their knowhow and expertise. 

What do you feel you got out of it in terms of skills gained, and how have these helped in shaping what you’re doing now?

I developed many skills whilst working in an investment bank both in a technical and professional sense. The work has definitely prepared me for life in work once I graduate and it's given me greater confidence going into a job in the future. My internship was hard work but extremely rewarding and I learnt vast amounts in my 4 weeks in Ghana. 

How do you think it has benefited you on the job hunt? Do you think it’s given you the edge over other candidates who maybe haven’t had similar experiences?

I undoubtedly feel that my internship with CJI has made me more employable. 12 months ago I was struggling to gain not only an internship but also any interviews for the type of job I wanted. Since coming back from Ghana I have been a lot more successful on the job front.

For all the graduate jobs I have applied to I have been offered at the very least a phone interview and have now had two graduate job offers. Given how competitive the job market is presently, I believe it is vital to have some kind of experience in your chosen field. The CJI internship not only gave me the experience required, but also helped me stand out from other applicants as I had worked internationally and also gave me plenty to talk about in interviews.

What was it that attracted you to CJI over other companies offering similar opportunities?

The way that they presented themselves in comparison to other similar sites, and the care they showed me as a potential applicant was exceptional. 

What was the best thing about your experience?

I went to Ghana with the hope of developing and gaining some professional experience. The work that I had was the perfect experience for me and it certainly did not disappoint. On top of the great work experience, the interns got to do some travelling at the weekends to see more of the country! 

What was Ghana like?

Ghana was an amazing country to visit. The people were all so friendly and the country is beautiful. We got the chance to see some of the country in our weekends and I met many people through my work who I am still in contact with. 

Would you recommend it?

I would absolutely recommend CJI. I had a great time whilst there and learnt a lot. In terms of employability, I feel it shows potential employers that you have a real desire to work in the industry of your choice, which is what they want to see.

I believe I am a good example of this as I was struggling so much with internship applications last year and now have secured a dream job following my graduation. As a result, I feel very grateful to have been able to undertake the internship and for the long term benefits it will hopefully bring in the future.

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