When Social Media Goes Wrong

Here at GradTouch we are always advising graduates to use social media on the job hunt, as you should, but sometimes it can go terribly wrong - like it did for these unfortunate individuals.

1. Taco licker

This delightful image is of a Taco Bell employee licking a stack of taco shells. After being shared on social media it, unsurprisingly, led to him being promptly fired.

Taco Licker


2. Whining worker

Teenage office worker Kimberley Swann was sacked for moaning on Facebook about her job. Quote: 'first day at work. omg (oh my God)!! So dull!!' Her boss then discovered her remarks. Oh Kimberley.






3. Harlem miners

15 miners were fired for performing the 'Harlem Shake' dance craze underground in an Australian gold mine. The miners lost their SIX-FIGURE SALARIES (?!?) over the stunt in the Agnew Gold Mine.


4. A Pizza Palava

Former California Pizza Kitchen server and social media butterfly, Timothy DeLaGhetto, aka @Traphik claimed he was fired for tweeting about how he didn't like the company's new uniforms. As he explained in his infamous YouTube video, black button-ups make his small frame look 'tinier than it is.' Or, as he told his employer in a since-deleted tweet to its corporate Twitter account, 'black button ups are the lamest s--t ever!!!'
Pizza Palava




5. Pirate who lost his passion

Andrew worked as a Pierogi Mascot for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He posted on his facebook, 'Coonelly extended the contracts of Russell and Huntington through the 2011 season. That means a 19-straight losing streak. Way to go Pirates.' He was fired the next day. As if that wasn't enough, he was asked to turn in his costume. Poor Andrew.






6. Labor liability

Stuart MacLennan was fired from a position in The Labor Party in Scotland after he posted a slew of offensive tweets. Among his multi-tweet tirade, MacLennan referred to the elderly as 'coffin dodgers', made jokes about slavery. Nice.

 Labor Liability


7. Cisco fiasco

Connor got a job at Cisco. Connor tweeted her joy about getting a 'fatty paycheck' for a job she would hate. Connor lost her new job at Cisco.


8. Controversial CarlyCrunkBear

Denver math teacher tweeted about her hot students and how she likes to smoke weed. Her employers were, understandably, not happy and placed her on administrative leave. Her students thought her racy photos and tweets about marijuana and club music were pretty darn cool, though, and protested online to get her back. She was fired in the end.

Denver Math Teacher





9. Naughty Nicole

Glee actress Nicole Crowther tweeted a show spoiler, 'K is PQ and Ka is PK' The show’s producer, Brad Falchuk, tweeted in response: 'Hope you’re qualified to do something besides work in entertainment.' Eek!








10. Bitter Barista

Matt Watson’s infamous coffee blog chronicled all the annoying facets of being a barista. Highlights included: 'If you remind me four times that you've ordered decaf guess what you won't be getting...'. The blog became very popular, unfortunately it wasn't so popular with his employer.

Bitter barista


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