The Importance Of Being Online

Before we start, quickly Google yourself.

Done that? Good. What did you find? Anything incriminating? Remember, this is how an employer will glean their first impression of you so it's of the utmost importance to have a professional online presence. Here are 5 essential things to keep in mind:

1. First impressions begin online

Your online profiles, be it Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter or others, will be the first port of call for employers. Why? Because they're easy to access and lucrative in terms of the amount of information they provide. 

What to do: Keep it clean. Remember, people have biases and if an employer has seen you in a mankini prior to the interview, that impression won't fade fast... but your chances for a job might.

It's all about consistency. Make sure that your various profiles align with one another. For example, if you have stated on LinkedIN that you're hoping to get into journalism but there's no evidence of this on Facebook or Twitter, your statement won't look very convincing. This takes us to point 2:


2. Your online profile is your online 'you'

It's important to remember that your online profile is an extension of you. It is a chance to showcase skills, achievements and expertise that might otherwise get missed.

What to do: Use all means possible to strut your proverbial stuff. If, for example, you are a keen photographer you might have a Flickr account or a Pixoto profile. If you are a keen writer you may/should have a blog somewhere, perhaps on Tumblr or Wordpress. You might enjoy making videos, in which case, do you vlog? Do you use Youtube and Vine avidly?

OK, so what if you aren’t interested in any of the above? No problem! It's just a case of finding out what you are interested in and talking about it on social media. Better still, do you have photo evidence of things you like to do? Climbing, rowing, juggling, cycling? Are you musical? Do you have videos? Maybe you arrange nights; do you have evidence of promotions? Social media postings, photos of flyers? Whatever it is, there WILL be a way of showcasing it, and if you haven’t yet done that you should ask yourself why? You should be raving about it! A point that leads us neatly to point 3 - using your profile.

3. It allows you to engage with people you wouldn't normally be in contact with

Your online profile provides another level of conversation, engagement and opportunity. You should be proud of what you have to offer! As hard as it might be to remember, the internet is not just for catching up with friends, reading the news and watching cute cat videos (guilty). It's also a platform and vehicle to converse with people outside of your everyday bubble. 

4. Being online tells employers that you are tech savvy

Having slick and consistent online profiles tells employers that you are up to date with the latest technology and software and you know how to use it effectively. Again, this might sound obvious; I mean surely everyone has mastered modern technology by now?

Everyone besides this guy.

Fake doors aside, how can you prove you know your stuff?

1. Consider updating your info. Think Twitter bios, Facebook's 'About me' section, and that 'sexyminx92' hotmail address... make sure they are all in keeping with your goals. This will give the impression that you've got these sites sussed.

2. Check out sites like Wordpress, Wix and other DIY websites which provide an excellent platform for digital creativity.

Note: You need to demonstrate a digital awareness – it will be expected of you! Those IT lessons we all aced at school might not cut it anymore... much to our disappointment.

5. Job (and employee) hunting is increasingly done online

And finally to the crux of the matter; getting that dream job!

How can you use your online profile for job hunting? If you’ve designed it in a way that effectively communicates what you want to do, you might well find that people come to you. Of course, you can’t rely on this so you also need to put yourself out there as much as possible.

What to do: Link all your online profiles together. If you've got a Wordpress account, put it in your Twitter bio, put your Twitter handle on your Facebook info and your Flickr account in your Wordpress - you get the idea.

Essentially, what you have achieved by creating your super slick online profiles is a more efficient means for employers to match the right person (you) to the right job – the more information you provide, the easier it is for a recruiter to match you to your suited company! Wherever possible, get in contact with people who are relevant to the industry you want to work in. Ask for advice, hints and tips, and enquire about job vacancies and work experience. 

Today’s technology has made it remarkably easy to market yourself – for free - so make the most of it! But be warned, it’s a double edged sword – it can be difficult for you to distinguish yourself from other job hunting grads – which is why it is so important to be original; give something others haven’t!

Keep in mind: Employers are not only looking for candidates who fit the bill in terms of hard skills, they are also trying to scout out those who are the right cultural fit. This will be particualrly pertinent for anyone applying to smaller companies, like GradTouch! Find out the benefits of working for an SME here!

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