The Coolest Offices In The World

We've already shown you the coolest offices in the UK, but there's more to this world than our tiny island, and there are plenty of places to look for even cooler work spaces. If you ever land a job in one of these, you can certainly count yourself lucky.

1. Microsoft - Vienna

Microsoft's latest offices will surely make the employees over at their Amsterdam HQ green with envy. Cool features include various themed conference rooms (you can see the ocean and hunting lodge rooms below), a wall of plants, and something no progressive office is without - a nice big slide.

2. Corus Entertainment - Toronto

The slides keep on coming! This time we're in Toronto for the stylish waterfront offices of Corus. As well as the impressive 5-story open space as you walk in, this fun place to work also has tables in the shape of Ice Hockey rinks (this is Canada, after all) and various lounges for you to watch TV in.


3. Missing Link - Johannesburg

Next up is an office that probably wins the prize for being 'most anti-boredom'. It also has a slide, but after you see what else it offers you'll forget all about that. Wicked features include a tree house, table tennis, a fireman's pole and desks made out of bath tubs. We're not so sure about the shooting range, though...

4. AOL - Palo Alto, California

AOL have gone for the almost-hipster industrial look in this office space with concrete floors, exposed ceilings and modern furniture. The building also includes various pool tables and both isolated and open seating areas.

5. Cargo - Geneva

It may not have any slides or pool tables, but it's managed to turn old containers into pretty neat office spaces. You won't have as much fun working here as some other places on this list, but the design is sure to keep you inspired throughout the day.

6. YouTube - San Bruno, California

You're right, it's been too long since we've seen any slides. Welcome to YouTube - the home of a putting range, a gym, an Olympic sized swimming pool, a room full of toys, and you guessed it - a really big slide.

7. Zynga - San Francisco

As a gaming company, you'd expect Zynga to have some pretty cool offices. Well they've certainly delivered. Their motto is "play well" and that is conveyed in the space they've provided for their employees. As one of our favourites on this list, the office in San Fran includes arcade machines, quirky and cool design features, and best of all, free meals. Not just one - three whole meals, completely free. Now that's how you keep your workers happy.

8. Hootsuite - Vancouver

After taking the step from start-up to fully-fledged organisation, Hootsuite needed the offices to show for it. Thus came their $2million dollar renovation of an old police station - and it's amazing. Cool features include table tennis, a gym, countless murals, and a soundproof cabin for workers to nap in. That's right, nap. And what do you do after a hard day of napping and playing ping pong? You enjoy a free beer from the pub inside.

9. The Ljubljana Chamber of Commerce - Slovenia

Now for the most natural and green office space on the list. After its renovation, the Chamber of Commerce building ended up more like a botanical garden or greenhouse than a place of work. With plants and greenery everywhere you look, and large skylights to brighten them up, this is bound to be one of the most inspiring places to work - they say the air quality is excellent, too.

10. Saatchi & Saatchi - Bangkok

These offices in Thailand boast the most unique design features seen so far, including a conference table made of bicycles. With so many quirky and interesting things to look at, we're wondering if this one would just end up being distracting...


There's not much that could make these offices any cooler, apart from maybe these


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