The Best Jobs In The World: Part 2

Following on from Part 1, here are even more AMAZING jobs! 

1. Female Social Drinker

A research company based in Seattle posted an advertisement inviting women between 18-30 (so not flouting the American drinking laws at all then?) to put themselves forward for a research project aiming to explore drinking and social interactions. In return they would receive £350 worth of Amazon vouchers for their “troubles”! Not too shabby.

2. LEGO Sculptor

Admittedly with this one a certain artistic talent is necessary - but if you've got it, flaunt it! Though you might find yourself with stiff competition - the latest recruit, Andrew Johnson, allegedly fought off 45 other candidates in order to secure the job!

3. Fortune Cookie Writer

Feel the power! (Just remember with great power comes great responsibility).

4. Cool Hunter

In 2010, magazine

In Japan, a school has recently opened that aims to teach young people the “art” of being a Mascot. Headmistress Choko Oohira takes the art of being silly very seriously. Pupils are penalised for having a fingertip on show during an event and a crime such as the removal of a mask, even in sweltering heat, would be dealt with severely.

6. Cake and dessert tester

Laura Fagan is Tesco’s resident cake and dessert tester. It is her job to travel the world trying out new cakes and flavours in order to develop new and exciting sweet treats for the supermarket shelves. You would never have to feel guilty for eating cake again!

7. Theme park entertainer

“Working in a theme park is not a graduate job?” Well that's just not true! Merlin Entertainments group (the company who own attractions such as Alton TowersThorpe Park and Legoland) run a graduate training programme. The scheme consists of different placements around the various attractions, from rides and retail to food and beverages. Testing out rollercoasters is a tough job but someone’s got to do it! Find out more about the grad schemes here:

To become a games developer you will need a computer science degree, computer games development degree, or a similarly related qualification. Knowledge of programming language such as C is a must. To become a game designer you will need a qualification in computer animation exhibiting fluency with software packages and 3D design.

However, to become a game tester you do not need any particular qualification. All you need to do is demonstrate your enthusiasm for gaming and a comprehensive understanding of the market. If you can do that then you will be trying out the latest games before they hit the market for a living! Win!

9. Wildlife Rescuer


Damen Hurd skipped out on college and moved from Michigan to Florida at age 22 to apprentice at Pelican Man's Bird Sanctuary. Now he says, "I deal with everything from bobcats to bald eagles to deer to snakes."

For the past several years, Hurd has been a wildlife rescuer at the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center—or Wildlife Inc.—where he works to first capture and then rehabilitate a host of species, helping them recover from their injuries or illnesses before returning them to the wild - and so could you!

10. Penguinologist

The Zoological Society of London have a resident penguinologist who specialises in anything and everything related to penguins. I WANT THIS JOB!!!

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