Skill Set Checklist

Each job or internship you apply for will have a set of skill requirements on the specification. Sometimes it can be hard to match your past experiences with a skill in an interview situation. So we've created a quick and easy checklist for you to make sure you've got the evidence needed in a easy to use Microsoft Word document that can be downloaded below.

When you have found a position you want, fill in the skills required in the table . Fill in the evidence section with examples of where you have shown each skill. When you feel you have got enough evidence for a skill, give it a tick.

Remember past volunteer experiences, extra-curricular activities and university experiences may all be applicable and they don't all have to be in a work environment. If you're still struggling to think of what experiences could be linked to a skill, our team a just a quick call away on 0161 236 2932.



Skill Sheet‚Äč


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