Recruitment Explained: An Interview With Alex Heaton

When you think of Recruitment, what comes to mind? Hectic 12 hour days, filled with pushy telephone calls and impossible targets to meet? Many of the students and grads that we talk to look on this industry unfavourably, but is this fair? Does Recruitment really deserve its bad rep? 

We interviewed Recruitment Consultant, Alex Heaton to shine some light on the matter and dispel a few of the myths surrounding the business: 

“I’m a glorified matchmaker”

What did you think about recruitment before you started?

I thought it was for people who liked harassing others and were what we call “phone bashers”. I also thought I would end up jobless after a month of not being able to hit ridiculous KPIs. The industry has a really bad rep.

And now…?

It totally depends on the company. Like anything, there are some nice ones and some nasty ones. Some will expect you to make 200 calls a day and throw you in at the deep end, whereas others will nurture and help you and take you down the pub on your first day to congratulate you on surviving. If you find the right fit, you can make a hell of a lot of money and be happy. Win- win!

​What advice would you give to someone trying to get into recruitment?

The most important thing is research. Why bother going to an interview if you haven’t bothered looking up your interviewer on LinkedIn (it will become your favourite app if you get into the industry!), or at least have an idea of the markets that they work in? The other bit of advice I would give is don't get downhearted! Many employers will really grill you at interview and you’re bound to get a few knockbacks initially, but being able to bounce back from these is really important. As a recruitment consultant, you will rarely get through to the right person you need first time round, so it’s about dusting yourself off and going back at it without a glum face and a wobbly bottom lip.

What three words sum up a successful recruitment consultant?

Annoying, persistent and greedy.

Only joking, I’d probably say, chatty, resilient and hungry.

What’s next?

Genuinely, you can go anywhere. The thing with recruitment is that you learn raw skills to be able to go into a room and talk to anybody and come out with a stack of business cards and probably a new best friend. You’re exposed to the right sort of people, so whether you choose to stay in the industry and work your way up a company or you use your contacts to start up your own venture and take over the world, it really is up to you!

If you think you might be perfect for Recruitment or if you would just like a bit more honest insight into the industry from our team, feel free to drop us a line on 0161 236 2932.


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