Interview Preparation Cheatsheet

We've put together a handy little cheatsheet to make preparing for an interview a little easier! We know how difficult it is to put together tables and deal with Microsoft Word's formatting woes, so download the free Microsoft Word template below.

We've also included 10 of the most common interview questions to help you prepare.

Simply bullet point your answers in the spaces. In the last five rows fill in the blanks to create competency based questions, using skills outlined in the job description e.g. tell me about a time you have shown leadership/ creativity etc. If you get stuck thinking of other types of questions an employer may ask in an interview, our team are just a call away on 0161 236 2932.

Use this freebie, together with our Researching Employers Cheatsheet and voilĂ ! - your interview prep is done. 


Interview Prep Sheet


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